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5 Celebrity Hairstyles for Oval Faces

5 Celebrity Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Hairstyles for oval faces

Looking to change up your hairstyle this season? If you’re staring at a lovely oval face in the mirror, consider yourself lucky! Oval faces can get away with just about any look; extremely versatile and always stunning. Depending on your hairstyle of preference, you can wear a fringe, layers, and waves to play up and draw attention to your most striking features like lips, eyes, and strong cheek bones. Get inspired with these celebrity hairstyles and start having more fun with your oval visage ASAP.

1. Tyra Banks: The Slicked-Back Showstopper

If there’s one thing world famous former super model and America’s Next Top Model host and creator is known for, it’s drama. And lots of it! Her over-the-top personality and unpredictability extend all the way to the tips of her tresses. With her hair drawn back tight into a sleek, low bun she exudes red carpet-worthy glam and brings all the attention to her face (what else is new?!) Not every face shape can pull off a style that puts every facial feature and contour directly in the spotlight, but that’s the perk of being an oval-faced beauty. A little smizing (smiling with your eyes) doesn’t hurt either!

Oval Faces Celebrity Hairstyles

2. Liv Tyler: The Fringe-y Flirt

While actress and model Liv Tyler’s father rocks out on stage, she’s doing a fine job rocking some fun and flirty fringe. Gentle, slightly curved fringe balances Liv’s longer visage and brings all the attention to her steel blue eyes. The overall style is playful, demure, and put together much like Liv’s personality. Avoid bangs that are too blunt as they may come off as severe and require a lot more maintenance to look perfect each and every day.

Oval Faces hairstyles

3. Kate Middleton: The Under-the-Sea Royalty

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wasn’t selected as one of The 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine for nothing! A beauty in and out, she has been turning heads in the fashion world for years but her hairstyle is also making waves. Kate sports long chestnut tresses that have that just-back-from-the-beach appeal. The subtle, long layers prevent the style from coming off as dated or dowdy while her efforts to keep hair healthy really make those beachy waves shine.

Oval Faces celebrity hairstyles

4. Julianne Hough: The Shaggy Bob Sweetheart

Long or short, Julianne’s blond mane gets almost as much attention on the dance floor as her jaw-dropping moves. Most recently she’s brought even more attention to her delicate features and sugar-sweet pout by chopping off some serious inches. The result is a super fresh and modern bob which looks and actually is effortless! Simply scrunch wet hair as it air dries and find yourself with a cute and casual shaggy bob like Julianne. The light, baby chick blond hue also ups the charm factor and really makes this style pop.

hairstyles for Oval Faces

5. Blake Lively: The Side-Swept Naturalist

Fashionista, actress, and model Blake Lively looks fun, fresh, and modern basically 24/7. It may have something to do with her luminous smile and free-spirited wardrobe but her hairstyle doesn’t hurt either. Daring and wavy or soft and straight, Blake commands a fair amount of camera time with her gentle side-swept bangs. Parted to the side instead of down the centre, the side-swept approach helps balance her features, bring attention to the eyes, and keep her looking effortlessly natural. Long layers and some subtle highlights add dimension and youth to Blake’s lovely look.

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