5 Celebrity Hairstyles for Romantic Wedding

February 14, 2014

Looking for hair ideas for your wedding? There’s no better inspiration than some of the celebrity hairstyles we’ve seen recently on the red carpet. Here are five of the best to create a romantic look.

Side chignon
Country singer Kacey Musgraves debuted this lovely side chignon when she won a Grammy earlier this year. The side fringe shapes and defines her face with a low side bun to match on the other side. Start with damp hair, make a side part and blow dry it. Make a low side ponytail and twist into a tight bun. Complete the hairstyle by taking out a few strands of your fringe or layer to fall loosely yet polished.


Side-swept waves
Naomi Watts’ side-swept loose curls at last year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards looked elegant and feminine and perfect for any wedding day. Recreate the look by starting with a dramatic side part and blow drying. You can create subtle waves by using a curling wand and tightly wrapping the hair around the iron. Pin each curl to keep it in place while allowing it to cool for at least five minutes. Finally, lightly brush each curl out to create natural volume in the hair and add a spritz of hairspray to set the wave.


Braided updo
Amy Adams stunned at the 2014 Golden Globes with a bohemian updo that included braided sections of the hair that added interest to the hair. The look kept her hair out of her face, showing off her beautiful features. The plaited updo is easy to create for a wedding by first sectioning off separate parts of the hair. Loosely braid each section and secure it with a clear band. Once each section is  braided, take the end of the hair and wrap it into a loose bun at the top of the head.


Windswept updo
Windswept updos create a whimsical style to any bridal look. Ashley Greene was recently spotted rocking this style with dramatic eye makeup. The look is easy to recreate by first applying a small amount of mousse into damp hair from the roots down. Blow dry the hair to add volume to the roots and secure the hair in a high ponytail. Twist the ponytail loosely around the hair tie for a slightly messy but chic bun. Pull a few strands down to frame the face.


Messy side braid
For a whimsical, outdoor wedding, side braids make a beautiful option for long-haired brides. Bella Thorne donned the feminine look while allowing several strands of her hair to fall loosely around her face. Create a side part and braid at an angle. Pull several strands to fall out of the braid and from the top of the hair for a casually-elegant hairstyle.

Which romantic celebrity hairstyle is your favourite?

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