5 Celebrity Style Trends to Avoid

January 28, 2014

Sometimes you see a celebrity style trend and know it’s going to be a classic. Other times, you’ll see a celebrity in double denim and you know it’s time to call the fashion police.

So how do you know what celebrity style trends to follow, or which to leave alone? Let’s look at five style trends that you should never, ever copy.


1. Double denim
Celebrities love double denim. Case in point: Kristen Stewart, who donned double denim not once, but twice in recent times. What good can be said of this classic fashion faux pas? Unless you’re going to an 80’s-themed party, or are a card-carrying hipster, send the acid wash to St Vinnies. The fashion police thank you.


poncho2. Ponchos
Ponchos only work on a very specific figure, and that figure is tall, willowy and impeccably trimmed and tucked. If you’re one of the lucky ones who fits this shape, congratulations! A poncho will drape gracefully over your shoulders and serve as a beautiful accessory to any outfit.

If you’re anything less than supermodel, however, a poncho is just going to swallow you whole and make you look like a walking Dorito. Even adorable Lily Allen looks like an unhappy geometric shape.


3. Bum dresses
Just think Kim Kardashian. These tight, form-fitting dresses do no one any favours, not even the celebrities with the inevitable booties themselves. The very nature of bum dresses – clingy and skintight – means that they hug every bump and highlight every flaw. Sure, Spanx can help. But bum dresses are good for one thing and one thing only. Having people stare at your butt all night.


4. Sack dresses
On the other end of the spectrum, dresses that are too loose and amorphous have been spotted on the red carpet lately, for no good reason. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence, who showed up at the 2014 Golden Globes in a fluffy white Dior dress so hideous that it immediately spawned a hashtag. People all around the world wrapped themselves, their children and even their dogs in pillowcases and duvets under the tag #Lawrencing, because it was just that easy to replicate her utterly shapeless dress.

Word to the wise: when even a gorgeous 23-year-old blonde can’t make it work, the look is officially awful.


5. Clogs
It’s easy for celebrities to turn the mundane into trends, but clogs are one area where they should have left the sleeping dragon alone. There was a point in the 90’s when clogs had their 15 minutes of fame, and unlike other 90’s nostalgic favourites – tartan shirts, Nirvana – this trend has never resurfaced. Except on celebs like Rachel Bilson and Sarah Jessica Parker, who have been wearing them with everything from boyfriend jeans to summer dress – but they still look terrible. 

Which celebrity style faux pas do you hate the most?

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