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5 Cheap Autumn Date Ideas

5 Cheap Autumn Date Ideas

Now that the temperatures are falling you have to get creative with your dates. We’ve come up with 5 fun – and cheap! – date ideas that you and your partner will love.

1. Geek it out

We all know most guys are secretly nerds, but you know what? So are women! Hit up a science museum or observatory and unleash your inner curiosity with the interactive exhibits, and don’t forget to pick up a cheap gift for each other in the gift shop. Slinky?

2. Scenic drive

Get out of town by going for an all-day scenic drive. Even better, hire a sports car for the day and feel like a rockstar. Find a hidden countryside gem of a restaurant for lunch, or pack a basket of snacks for an impromptu picnic.

3. Open mic night

Hit up your local pub or bar for open mic night. They’re either free or cheap, and you’ll either discover the Next Big Thing or a tragic comedian you’ll laugh at over beers.

4. Games night

When was the last time you played Monopoly? Or, dare we suggest, Twister? Dust off those hidden-away boxes of board games, or line up the latest Wii titles for a games night in.

5. Photo session

Wait…we’re not suggesting anything kinky here (well, that’s up to you). Put away your iPhone and grab your cameras. Create a list of 10 items you have to snap over the course of an afternoon: a man wearing purple shoes, a laughing baby, a blue VW, red roses…and set off getting creative with your camera. Most creative photos win a prize – a romantic dinner?

What’s your favourite cheap date idea?

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