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5 Clean Eating Recipes To Try This Weekend

5 Clean Eating Recipes To Try This Weekend

Eating angelically doesn’t have to be a bore.

Say the words ‘clean eating’ and most people immediately start to yawn.

We’ve all had a gutful of those ‘healthier than thou’ Instagram posts of kale smoothies and steamed salmon lunches. Hashtag: #yawnfest. Thankfully though, there is a way to get your health on track without looking and feeling like a douche in the process. These recipes are so good, you’ll forget they’re also good for you. Promise.

1. Vegan quiche


Tasty AND cruelty free, this dish is packed with protein and super filling. (Recipe here)

2. Shakshuka


This healthy breakfast feast is so good you’ll want to eat it for lunch. And dinner too. (Recipe here)

3. Shrimp and avocado rolls


Low calorie and full of flavour and fibre, your belly will thank you. (Recipe here)

4. Thai salad with coconut curry dressing


Lightly spicy, creamy and oh-so crisp, prepare to fall in love with this dish. (Recipe here)

5. Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes


I bake this dish at least once a week. It’s completely vegan and even my carnivore hubby devours it hastily. Try it, you won;’t regret it. (Recipe here)

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