5 Common Skincare Mistakes

July 30, 2014

Ever used products on your skin which cause redness, irritation and don’t fix the problem? This is your own personal guide to breaking out of the cycle of skincare blunders, and building a routine which is designed for your skin. Keep these tips in mind the next time you wash your face.


Put down that cleanser immediately! While having clean skin is often believed to be the only path to clear skin, it is important to avoid too much cleansing. Over-cleansing causes the skin to dry out and cause troublesome patches across the face. The oil-producing glands are overworked, which will make skin feel hydrated but actually look dry and flakey.

Stick to what you know

Did you know that the number one way to irritate your skin is by constantly switching up your products? Each product is comprised of different ingredients which could irritate the skin, cause redness and worst of all, facilitate breakouts. Don’t replace your entire skincare routine with something new – instead make small changes every few months so your skin can adjust to the change.

Cut the exfoliating

Clay masks, deep-cleansing foams and exfoliators are a great way to remove dead skin cells from the surface, but using these products too much will only irritate your skin. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, it is good to treat to your skin with gentle exfoliators, maximum 1-2 times a week. Anything more than that will can cause breakouts, dryness and irritation.

Use sunscreen

Keep your skin looking and feeling youthful by slathering on that sunscreen every single day. If you don’t have time to apply it to your face, use a foundation or BB cream which is equipped with at least an SPF 15. This will decrease the effects of sun damage, burning and sun-spots.

Patting skin dry

Take extra care to pat your skin dry since harsh rubbing will only cause irritation and encourage wrinkles. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin this helps to maintain it’s elasticity, especially around the delicate eye area.

Image via Salon Nordic

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