5 Creative Ways To Display Your Art

May 18, 2015
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Do you have an amazing piece of art, but no where to display it? Rather than creating a hole in your wall, get inspired by a few of these nifty ideas and try them out in your own home. No tools required!

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The easiest way to take advantage of art which is already in a frame, is to prop it against a wall. Not only does this give a desk some character, but it doesn’t require any commitment! You can just move it whenever you like, and change the design of any room.

5 Creative Ways To Display Your Art


A super-simple collage is the best way to update your desk space without drilling any holes in the wall. You could easily use a double-sided tape to carefully create a beautiful workspace.

5 Creative Ways To Display Your Art


Get a little crafty and suspend some of your favourite pieces of work (and those made by the kids), on a nifty modern mobile. Start with a simple base, then tie each string onto different edges. Finish off by painting the base a funky colour, or keeping it minimalist to suit the rest of your home.

5 Creative Ways To Display Your Art

Floating shelves

Keep everything looking neat and tidy with a pair of floating shelves above your workspace, or even in the living area. Not only will it make your home look like a bookstore, but it will keep everything in it’s place – which is also easy to clean!

5 Creative Ways To Display Your Art

Against the wall

For larger pieces such as antique mirrors and old pieces of artwork, you can easily lean them on the wall for effect. Beside them, add a few candles, books, magazines and other features which will create a nice mood in any room.

5 Creative Ways To Display Your Art

Images via Hayley Bonham, VK Visuals, Then Let It Be, Domaine Home

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