5 Delicious Mint Cocktail Recipes

April 17, 2015
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Whether you’re into a mojito or a classic julep, there’s no denying that mint is the finishing touch to any classic cocktail recipe.

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Recreate some of these delicious mint cocktails at home, which not only look good, but taste amazing! Serve with light nibbles such as pretzels, crackers or a tasty cheeseboard with a side of fruit.

Sparkling White Wine Sangria

Ingredients: Sparkling white wine, cucumber, melon, mint, basil, lime, sugar, grapes, basil, rum, sparkling water

Who can say no to a delicious glass of sangria, especially on a warm, sunny day? Not us! Create this tasty version of a classic  which is on the lighter side  and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t love red wine.

5 Delicious Mint Cocktail Recipes

Pineapple Mojito

Ingredients: Pineapple, mint, sugar, white rum, lime, club soda

Try this sweet mojito featuring pineapple, mint and a hint of white rum. Great if you have a major sweet tooth, or simply want something a little naughty for an afternoon cocktail. The mint keeps the entire drink cool and fresh, especially amongst all of the sugar.

5 Delicious Mint Cocktail Recipes

Champagne with Lemon Sorbet and Mint

Ingredients: Champagne, mint, lemon sorbet, mint leaves, soda water, ice cubes

Give a standard glass of champagne some flavour with lemon and mint sorbet. The result? A refreshing drink which is easy to create and doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes!

5 Delicious Mint Cocktail Recipes

Cucumber Mint Gimlet

Ingredients: Peeled cucumber, mint, agave nectar, lime, gin

What could be better than a cucumber and mint cocktail? Not much! This refreshing beverage is made with gin, but you could substitute the alcohol for cold water to hydrate during the day.

5 Delicious Mint Cocktail Recipes

Mint Gin and Tonic

Ingredients: Gin, soda water, mint, cucumber, ice cubes

Finally, we’re wrapping it up with a refreshing mint gin and tonic. Don’t forget to add a handful of ice cubes and remember to tear the mint so the entire drink is infused with its flavour.


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