How I Created 5 Totally Different Looks With My Super Short Hair

October 22, 2018

Who says short hair isn’t versatile? 

I’ll talk about how awesome short hair is to anyone who will listen (and I’ll write about it for anyone who will read).

Feeling free, looking chic, enjoying a total makeover — there are so many reasons to cut your hair. While I think there’s a crop for everyone, you can also try a mind-blowing hack to see if short hair will suit you if you want that extra nudge. Then, get ready to play with all the fun products that are out there for cropped locks. And finally, you know that a short haircut will grow out, right? And that there are tips and tricks for growing out your hair, to make the process painless and even fun?

But let’s get back to having short hair. Far from being a one-note look, short hair is actually very versatile, especially when it starts growing out from an initial pixie cut. My hair is currently growing out from being super-short, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Armed with a few styling products and a handful of bobby pins, I easily created five different looks with the same short cut. Then I tailored my makeup to fit both my mood and my ‘do.

1. Slick it Down

Wet your hair, slather on your favorite gel, and comb. It’s as simple as that. And yet, far from looking easy, a slicked-back ‘do can come off as understated and androgynous, or picture-perfect glam. My fave gel also happens to be quite easy on the wallet (Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel, $3.37)

2. Go Straight-Up

If you already have straight locks, try kicking it up a notch to straight-up glass hair. If you have curly hair like me, then comb and style when it’s wet and let air-dry, or help the process along with a blow-dryer and/or a straight iron. Once you’ve straightened it out, go with a pomade (not gel!) to keep your hair looking shiny and dry (but not dried-out). And go with an OG: Murray’s Original Pomade, $3)

3. The Lisbeth

Because the term “punk” — much like “retro” — is both all-encompassing and sort of meaningless, I like to call this one the Lisbeth, after our girl with the dragon tattoo. While in all incarnations Lisbeth is known for having a lot of her hair shaved off, you can copy the look by keeping the sides smooth and elevating the top parts. Whether you’re doing heat-styling or not, spray on some IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray, $32 and go crazy (think no rhyme, no reason). Twist it, pull it up, spray it at the roots to keep the volume, stick bobby pins in it. Add some smokey eyes and you’ve got legit intrigue.

4. Shoot for Curls

Curly hair done right should be soft and romantically unruly. For touchable curls with volume, style with a product meant specifically for curls (I used Ouai Curl Jelly, $26). With wet hands, use the jelly to scrunch and twist. Finish off with a light spray of styling gel just to keep your curls in place. If your hair is naturally straight, go with a little-bitty curling iron and finish off with pomade, for shine.

5. Twist, Pin, Band

Sure, you can stick a headband on any ‘do, but why not try this instead: using multiple bobby pins (.99 cents), twist your hair back and pin in place. You’re not going for neat; you want those twists to be tousled and textured, which will give the impression of having much longer locks than you actually do. Then put on your headband of choice.

Featured image via tumblr.com.

Comment: What’s your favorite look for short hair?

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