5 Difficult Dishes You Shouldn’t Attempt At Home

July 12, 2015
5 Difficult Dishes You Shouldn't Attempt At Home

Ever spotted a meal on Pinterest to discover that attempting it yourself is not as easy as it seems? We’re not talking cakes or sweets, but those difficult dishes which can turn the kitchen into a complete mess.

Here are just five meals which you should leave to the professionals – we know from experience!

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Beef tartare

This dish is exceptionally difficult, especially since you’re working with raw meat and eggs. Although the process seems simple enough (cutting raw meat into tiny pieces and seasoning until perfect), but it can really go wrong.

5 Difficult Meals You Shouldn't Attempt At Home

Coq au vin

Another French dish which is equally as difficult to prepare at home is coq au vin, or braised chicken stew with red wine. The reason this is so difficult is because it actually takes more than 2 hours to to prepare. Nobody got time for that?!

5 Difficult Meals You Shouldn't Attempt At Home

Chocolate souffle

Who would’ve thought that a chocolate souffle would be on this list? What makes it so difficult? If you have attempted your very own souffle, odds are that the top will completely collapse moments after you’ve taken it out of the oven.

5 Difficult Meals You Shouldn't Attempt At Home

Beef wellington

A single fillet of steak wrapped in puff pasty which takes up to 2 hours to cook? This difficult dish can go wrong in so many ways, which includes undercooking the beef and over-cooking the pastry.

5 Difficult Meals You Shouldn't Attempt At Home

Béarnaise sauce

Oh, the humble béarnaise sauce! Making eggs taste better for as long as we can remember – but why shouldn’t we attempt this one at home? The sauce is specially made in a glass boil suspended over boiling water which takes just seconds to crack, or possibly scramble the eggs before it’s too late.

5 Difficult Meals You Shouldn't Attempt At Home

Images via Bon Appetit, Betsy Life, Martha Stewart, BBC Good Food, The Galley Gourmet

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