5 Early Signs of Pregnancy You Should Know About

June 13, 2013

Are you worried that you may be pregnant and it may be too early to show in a home test kit? Did you miss your period and want to know the early signs of pregnancy?

A missed period doesn’t always mean that you’re pregnant. Most of us have a missed period or had a delayed period at least once in our lifetimes, which did not translate into a pregnancy. So take a deep breath and relax. This could be a false alarm, or yes, you may be pregnant!

So is there a way to know if you are pregnant even before it shows up on the home test kit or on the blood test report? Although these are the best ways to confirm your pregnancy, certain bodily changes, or symptoms, can suggest that you may be, in fact, be pregnant. So check for these early signs:


A sudden, all-encompassing tiredness, the kind that makes you sleepy and cranky throughout the day, can be the first signs of a pregnancy. It’s your body’s way of telling you to slow down.


I remember having this terrible nausea, the famed morning sickness of pregnancy, even when I was yet to miss a period, which made me aware of something amiss. Any particular smell can trigger your morning sickness, sometimes it can even be your own perfume, or your partner’s aftershave.


If your period works like clockwork all this time, you may notice some changes before your period is due. Cramping is often noticed during the time you are supposed to have your period, and then you’ll probably notice your missing period. These cramps are light uneasiness, nothing severe, but indications that you may be in for a surprise…


You may notice a white discharge, typically a little heavier than normally what you have before your periods. This happens as vaginal walls thicken due to the release of hormones, which are part of the bodily changes in a pregnancy.

Breast tenderness

Rapid hormonal changes with the onset of a pregnancy are often reflected in the breasts becoming sore, tender, or even heavier. It can start as early as two weeks into the pregnancy, and discomfort tends to reduce with time.

Once you realise that you may be pregnant, here’s a word of advice, take it slow. Give your body plenty of rest and nutrition, increase your fluid intakes, and most importantly, stay relaxed and happy.

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