5 Easter Things To Do With Kids

March 27, 2015
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Did you love Easter when you were a child? It was one of my favourite holidays when I was growing up and now as mum I want my children to fill their own Easter baskets with wonderful memories. Here are some of the fun things we do at home that you can try, too.

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1. Easter stories

Easter is not just about eating lots of chocolate and having a good time. Help your children learn more about the meaning of Easter by reading Easter picture books together. Even if you’re not religious, the history of Easter and the symbolic meaning behind it can be interesting to kids and adults.

2. Dyeing Easter eggs

There are different ways to approach this – you can blow the egg out of the shell and dye the shell only or you can dye hard-boiled eggs, which is my family’s tradition. To colour the eggs, use special egg dyes, food colouring or natural dyes (beetroot juice will colour your eggs red and boiled onion peel will make them yellow). To make your eggs even prettier, draw on them with a candle before dyeing, attach a leaf or use stickers.

3. Egg fights

This is not what you’re thinking, there’s no egg throwing involved! The egg fights are a game we play with our hard-boiled dyed eggs and the mess is minimal. Each child picks an egg, then they hit the eggs against each other, first the sharp ends, then the bottom ends. The winner is the person who ends up with their egg intact.

4. Easter egg hunt

For many kids the egg hunt is the most exciting part of Easter, but it finishes too quickly! Most often we just hide chocolate eggs and let the kids find them, but if you want the fun to last longer, you can make the rules more complicated. Prepare clues to take children from one hiding spot to the next or hide a variety of objects and give each child a checklist of what they’re looking for.

5. Cooking together

Do you have a special treat that you only make for Easter? Involve your kids in preparing the traditional meal. Even if you don’t have anything that you’ve been making year after year, it’s never too late to start a new tradition. Try making hot cross buns, a special cake or bunny-shaped cookies.

Do you have your own favourite Easter family activity?

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