5 Easy Steps to a Super Weekend

March 1, 2001

Spritz your face fresh

Lie in bed before you get up and spritz your face with a facial mist to wake you up. If you’re too lazy to do all your grooming just spray it on and wipe off any grime with a cotton ball. Try Av’ne Thermal Spring Water, a soothing, anti-irritating spray for your face.

Go for a Walk

Go for a 10-minute walk on your own or with a bed partner. All you have to do is buy a newspaper or grab a coffee. Just make sure you breathe in the fresh air and do it briskly. This will provide the mental and physical boost you need to shed any lingering sleepiness.

Eat a Perky Breakfast

Wake and get energised with a healthy but hearty breakfast. Make scrambled eggs with onion, capsicum and parsley on top. All you have to do is add a whole-wheat bagel and fresh fruit and you’ve started the morning with a well-balanced meal.

Play some Opera

Find an opera CD and play it as loud as you like. It is a known fact that opera will stimulate your brain and kick start your morning.

Have a cold shower

Jump into a cold shower as it will wake you up instantly and get you going.

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