5 Edgy Wedding Hairstyles

September 5, 2015
5 Edgy Wedding Hairstyles

Who wants a hairstyle which is prim and proper for their wedding day?

Rather than changing your entire look for your wedding, why not consider some of these edgy hairstyles instead. For super-short, mid length or really long hair we have a variety of styles to keep you inspired!

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Slicked back

Ideal for girls with really short hair, this style is guaranteed to stay in place regardless of the weather. Use a heavy duty wax to keep it all in place, and keep a small comb handy for touch-ups during the day (but we’re sure you won’t need it).

5 Edgy Wedding Hairstyles

Coloured hair

Why not try some colours in your hair? Kelly Osbourne has got to be our biggest inspiration, and truly makes this trend work for any occasion! If your natural hair colour is on the darker side, you do need to bleach it beforehand.

5 Edgy Wedding Hairstyles

Short layers

Give your hair a boost of volume by embracing a multitude of layers to frame your face. This is the best way to create natural volume (which stays in place), and won’t budge for your wedding photos.

5 Edgy Wedding Hairstyles

Faux mohawk

If you have really long hair, why not switch it up and create a truly unique updo. One of the most interesting styles we found was this faux mohawk which is intricately detailed and looks amazing when photographed on the side.

5 Edgy Wedding Hairstyles


Style those shorter layers into a trendy quiff which looks amazing on highlighted or naturally blonde hair. This way, all of your layers are perfectly detailed and is still a classic way to style your hair. Trendy and safe all at the same time!

If you have really long hair, style your hair half-up half-down by pinning back those extra layers. Don’t forget to set the entire look with a generous layer of hairspray!

5 Edgy Wedding Hairstyles

Images via Hair Next, Hilary Vault, Pinterest, Pinterest, Getty Images

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