5 Effective Lower-Belly Exercises

November 3, 2014

Losing that extra belly weight is sometimes the most difficult part of the body to tone, and the most misunderstood! Sticking to crunches and sit-ups won’t sculpt your core, but a variety of other exercises will. Women and men are always looking for new ways to tone the lower-belly, and these easy exercises will have your body looking fit and healthy in no-time.

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Static press

Start with this exercise if you want to gently easy into your daily workout routine. Lie on your back and bend your knees at a 90º angle, then press your palms flat above the lower thigh area. As you exhale, squeeze in your abdominal muscles and push your back flat on the floor.

5 Effective Lower-Belly Exercises

Single-Leg Stretch

Use the same routine as the static press to not only work out your lower abs, but also incorporate your legs into this pilates-inspired workout. Lie flat on your back and press your knees onto your chest firmly. Extend your left leg in a parallel line and slightly curve your upper body towards your right knee.

Switch legs and keep your lower back relatively flat on the floor, this will make your abs feel sore afterwards!

5 Effective Lower-Belly Exercises

Russian twist

An easy exercise which works out the lower abdominal muscles by performing a static twisting motion. Swing your body from side to side, and feel free to use a medicine ball for a more interactive arm and leg workout.

5 Effective Lower-Belly Exercises


This relatively easy exercise is simple enough for even beginners to achieve, but it works the lower abdominal muscles in a big way. Sit down with your knees slightly bent, but keep your feet flat on the ground.

Lift your legs at a 90º angle, then slowly bring your legs towards the left and right side – it should be making the letter U!

5 Effective Lower-Belly Exercises

Leg raises

There’s a reason why leg raises are some of the best ways to kick your abs into shape! Start by lying down on your back, and pressing your feet together as close as possible. Slightly elevate your legs, and lower them – you should feel a burn in both your upper thighs, and lower abdominal muscles.

5 Effective Lower-Belly Exercises

Modified V-sits

More effective than your usual sit-up exercises, the modified V-sits are a full body workout which anyone can achieve at home. Start off by lying down on your back, with legs pressed together and arms by your side.

As your upper body lifts forward, bend your knees at a 90º angle, and extend your arms forward until they reach your feet.

5 Effective Lower-Belly Exercises

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