5 Frocks Every Woman Needs

December 23, 2013

I’m a dress girl – I think you’re a dress girl or you’re not. But I’m on a one-woman mission to convince those who are not dress-girls just how awesome they can be.

With so much celebrity dress inspiration out there, start the new year with a wardrobe edit and nail down dresses that flatter and can mix-and-match with other pieces. Choosing the right dress is all about finding one that flatters your shape, so think about your body parts you like the most, and find dresses that show those off. Got a neat waist? Look for dresses that come in at the waist to show it off. Got banging legs? Mini dresses all the way for you.

There really are so many amazing dresses out there, so I’ve put together a list of the five dresses every woman needs in her wardrobe.


Cue Cotton Gloss Dress, RRP $239

1. The work dress
Let’s get the classic out of the way first (before we get to all the colour and print and fun!). Every girl should have just one dress like this in their wardrobe – it’s like your ‘break in case of emergency’ dress for job interviews, important work meetings, your partner’s work do’s – and it’s a good staple to have on hand for weddings and funerals if need be.


It should be classic, fitted and preferably either black, grey of navy (depending on what suits you best). Match this dress to your body shape correctly, and it will live in your wardrobe for years.


Sheike Ambiance Maxi Dress, RRP $149.95

2. The maxi dress
Yes, you can wear a maxi dress (and who cares if your husband doesn’t like it, your girlfriends will think you totally rock!)

Maxi dresses are the most versatile dresses you can wear in the warmer months. Going down the beach? Pop it over your swimmers, add a straw hat and thongs and off you go. Heading to a friend’s BBQ? Or to the pub? Change your thongs out for wedges, add a stack of bangles and a statement necklace, apply a bright lippie and you’re set.

3. The sun dress
Casual, flirty and fun! Look for a dress in a bright colour and print and you will feel like summer as soon as you put it on. Go for a style and print that suits you and your personality.

Again, like the maxi – dress it up or down depending on where you are wearing it and you’ll live in this all summer long.


Yarra Trail Dress, RRP $99.95

The Ultimate Black Dress from Sacha Drake, RRP $289

4. The multi-wear dress
Aussie designer Sacha Drake has this type of dress down pat. From her famous Ultimate Black Dress which you can wear over 20 ways, to her new additions, the Grecian Dress and the Myrcella dress.

The biggest advantage of a multi-wear dress is that you choose the ways that suit your shape.


Boohoo.com Rhian sequin shift dress RRP $75

5. The party dress
You can have fun with this dress! Go all out – sequins, colour, sparkle – whatever takes your fancy.

I think we dress down too much as a society these days. Women used to really dress up to go out; now jeans and a sparkly top is seen as acceptable party attire. I’m going to change that, and you are going to help me buy buying a fabulous party dress for your next special occasion.

Have I got you convinced yet? Frocks really can solve almost any style situation, you just need to find the right one. So get shopping!

Fashionistas – what’s your all-time favourite dress?

Caitlin Harrison is an Aussie blogger, personal stylist (and self-confessed shoe addict) living in Auckland. She started her fashion and beauty blog, Chasing Cait, in 2011, when her partner told her to stop talking about style and write it down. With over 10 years in the fashion industry under her belt, Caitlin has become an expert in helping women find their own sense of style, and in particular, dressing for their body shape. Chasing Cait is written in a way that makes fashion and style seem easy to the everyday woman, no matter what your personal style, bank balance, or lifestyle.

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