5 Essential Summer Makeup Tips

Julia Blanter

You’ve prepped from tip to toe but in order to complete the look, there is just one last step to ensure you sparkle at all occasions whether you’re getting ready for New Year’s celebrations, holiday parties or a wedding. Veet Beauty Producer Chloe Morello shares her favourite summer makeup tips to help you sparkle all night long!

1. Add some shimmer powder to your moisturiser and swipe over your limbs and décolletage to make it glow on the day as well as in the photos!

2. To help your makeup last all day, ensure you use a skin primer and eye primer first.

3. Pack your concealer and a setting powder in your purse so you can touch up during the day and stay shine-free for hours.

4. For bright and pretty eyes, dab some light shimmery eye shadow onto the inner corners – this will make you look wide awake.

5. Then elevate the brows by dabbing some of the same shimmery eye shadow under the arch, and give your lips a pouty appearance by applying some over the cupid’s bow.

What are your favourite summer beauty products?