5 Exercises To Improve Posture

May 20, 2014
exercises for better posture

Whether you’re slumped over on the couch or in your office chair, daily habits such as these can lead to a lifetime of bad posture. Simple exercises that don’t require a gym membership or equipment are the best solution to straighten up your spine. Reserve a time during the day (or night), and repeat these exercises, which will have your body feeling brand new.

1. Squats

You didn’t think that squats were beneficial for toned buttocks did you? The secret to a good squat is to extend the arms out as far as possible, and keep a straight back. Your body should be in a straight line, from your back to your heels as you bend down to squat.

2. Blogilates

Whether you’re short on time, money or a combination of both, blogilates is a great way to get fit right in your own home. Certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho runs Blogilates, a fitness and POP pilates class directly to you. Follow a step-by-step demonstration on YouTube for a variety of viewers on how to tone up and sculpt your body. The exercises are excellent for improving posture and toning the entire body. Work at your own pace at your preferred time of day, and watch your body change dramatically over time.

3. Plank

Yes, the painful plank. This revolutionary exercise will help to straighten your back, while also working at the core and neck. Lie down on your stomach with your forearms flat on the floor, then push up and balance looking forward. Make sure you have enough space to perform this exercise, and be sure to ease into it if you’re just starting out.

4. Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is specifically designed to target any chronic bad habits that contribute to bad posture. The main objective of this technique is focusing on the position of the head, as this dictates how the rest of the body will follow. Relax the spine, straighten the core and stick out your chest to enjoy better posture.

5. Stretch the shoulders

Ever wondered why your shoulders are so tense? Common activities such as driving, walking and carrying an extremely heavy handbag can put incredible strain on the shoulders. Bend your elbows at a 90 degree angle and sway from side to side. Then extend them out as far as you can to conclude the exercise.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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