Summer Decorating Inspiration from 5 Famous Interior Designers

December 16, 2013

Thinking of decorating your home this summer? We’ve been inspired by some of the world’s most famous interior designers including David Bromstad and Candice Olson, to bring you home decorating tips to make your home shine.

David Bromstad
In 2006, Miami-based Bromstad won the first season of hit show HGTV Design Star, which skyrocketed his career as an interior designer. Since then, he has been the star of his own design show Color Splash as well as Summer Showdown. David’s approach to interior design is all about colour. He believes that incorporating bold colours in a space can add life and energy to a room, or garden, which is perfect for summer. From adding a small splash of colour with accessories or painting the walls an interesting shade of teal, David isn’t afraid to be bold with colour. If you love colour, check out his website for inspiration.


Candice Olson
Toronto-based Olson is known for her trademark uber-chic design style. The host of Divine Design and Candice Tells All loves to create sleek yet homey spaces with touches of luxury, so her portfolio is pure inspiration for making your holiday guests feel at home this summer. She likes using neutral colours to make the furniture the focal point of the room, but she also likes to add small touches of elegant colour like candy pinks or duck egg blue with table runners, pillows and curtains.


Genevieve Gorder
Gorder, an American designer from Minneapolis, is known for her show Dear Genevieve where she helps transform outdated, frumpy spaces into playfully retro-style rooms. To get a Genevieve-inspired space for the summer, try incorporating modern and eclectic furniture with a focus on colourful accessories, like lamps, pillows and rugs, like the white and orange chevron strip rug above. Visit her Facebook page for more inspiration.


Vern Yip
Yip, a Hong Kong-born American designer, has a unique eye for design that has helped him leave a mark as one of the most talented designers in the world. The rooms he designs typically have soothing colours mixed with luxury elements like candles, flowers and silk. He also likes to ensure that his spaces receive a lot of natural light as it adds balance and an illusion of grandeur to a room. Such a great tip for the summer and the abundance of natural light available. Follow him on HGTV’s Design on a Dime.


Lisa Laporta
Chicago designer Laporta likes to combine elegance with liveability. She chooses timeless and sophisticated colours – think salmon and steel grey. She also likes to use unique accessories, like a vintage candelabra or giant mirror, that stand out in a neutral space, which is a great idea for decorating on a budget this summer. Lisa also likes to incorporate artwork to add colour and tie the whole look together, like the blue print in the dining room above connecting with the blues in the upholstered seats.

Do you have a favourite interior designer?

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