5 Fashion Don’ts (When You’re 30, 40 And 50)

October 30, 2012

Showing a little too much skin, clothes that are too tight, dressing too young…or too old – we’re all guilty of making fashion mistakes, but here’s how to avoid them, at every age!

1. Show too much skin

We can all agree Liz Hurley has a body to die for, especially at 47! And this is an easy trap to fall into! When we’re in our 20s, we’re flaunting ourselves in skimpy clothes. And then your 30s and 40s sneak up on you, and you catch yourself with a wardrobe full of mini skirts (that, let’s face it, don’t do any favours for your knees) and low-cut tops that show a bit too much droop.

2. Falling for fashion fads

Beyonce has to be one of the world’s sexiest women, yet she fell for the floral pants trend and even she can’t pull them off. Just because something is on trend doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. Make sure you really love a fad (and have an honest friend tell you if you can pull it off).

3. Clothes that just don’t fit

Our bodies change as we age – that’s natural! But we don’t like to let go of the idea that we used to wear a size 10. So we squeeze into jeans that are too small (“they’ll stretch!”) leaving us with ugly muffin tops. Alternatively, don’t hide under clothes that are oversized, adding bulk to your frame.

You can still wear those skinny jeans or fitted dresses. Make shapewear your friend, find bras that fit properly and be realistic about your new size.

4. Dressing too young

Dressing younger than your years doesn’t make you look sexier, as in the case of 54-year-old Madonna. Sure, the singer might have a body so tight you can bounce pennies off her, but it doesn’t mean she should be dressing like a teenager in a mini dress and fishnets.

The best way to look sexier at any age? Find clothes that fit well, throw on some heels and freshen up your look with some jewellery.

5. Dressing too old!

…on the other hand, dressing too old is just as bad! You might think dressing older than your age adds maturity or sophistication (think Katie Holmes during her Tom Cruise period), but it comes across as playing dress-ups.

Since Katie left Tom, she’s been wearing more age-appropriate fashion – sexy, knee-length dresses, colourful summer prints – and looking much more comfortable in her own 33-year-old skin.

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