5 Father’s Day Gifts To Avoid

August 9, 2015

With Father’s Day approaching, we’ve decided to focus on the gifts you shouldn’t be getting your loved one this year. Rather than purchasing the same type of present each September, why not buy dad something he would actually use! In the meantime, avoid the following gifts – which he probably already owns.

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Who else buckles at the last minute and buys dad a collared shirt? Although it’s a staple, we’re probably guessing that he has an entire drawer filled with the same shirt. Next!

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid


Pretty much in the same boat as the collared shirts (with a little penguin embroidered onto the left side). Give it a pass! Skip this gift and get him something a little less predictable with your siblings.

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid

Power tools

While some fathers might be excited at the prospect of a new hacksaw for Father’s Day (my dad included), don’t take that chance with your own. Try something a little more personalised that he can actually use on a daily basis.

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid


Do not make this same mistake this year. We’ve all been there, left it to the last minute and somehow a pack of beer makes perfect sense. If you are going down the alcohol route, choose a cellar wine which will hold its value – and flavour.

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid

Statement t-shirt

Dad jokes might be funny (well, sort of) but statement t-shirts are best left for gag gifts. If you’re planning well ahead of time, choose a personal joke that the entire family (dad included) can enjoy for years to come. Otherwise, give the standard dad joke t-shirt a miss for this year.

5 Fathers Day Gifts To Avoid

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