5 Fresh Watermelon Cocktail Ideas

August 13, 2015
Watermelon Cocktail Ideas, watermelon, cocktail, watermelon cocktail

Cool-off by the pool this summer with a delicious cocktail made from fresh watermelon. Not only are these drinks easy to make, but the entire group will love how versatile they are mixed with a variety of spirits. Serve ice-cold for best results!

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Watermelon margarita popsicles

Usually a cocktail like this is a little too good to be true, but it’s so easy to make! Simply juice your watermelon, add a shot of tequila and serve with sliced lemon. You could go one step further and create the popsicles using the same method. Yum!

5 Fresh Watermelon Cocktail Ideas

Mint, watermelon and St-Germain cocktail

Treat your guests to a fresh summer beverage with mint, watermelon and sweet St-Germain liqueur. Serve with lots of ice, which is perfect for the summer heat.

5 Fresh Watermelon Cocktail Ideas

Frozen watermelon daiquiri

Enjoy this simple drink which features watermelon, lime, rum and a teaspoon of sugar to taste.

5 Fresh Watermelon Cocktail Ideas

Watermelon sangria

You have to try this traditional punch which is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet cocktail. All you need is wine, soda water, fruit and a dash of brandy.

5 Fresh Watermelon Cocktail Ideas

Watermelon caipirinha

Finish off with this tasty caipirinha with freshly squeezed watermelon juice and served ice-cold.

5 Fresh Watermelon Cocktail Ideas

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