5 Fun Sex Toys For Couples

September 9, 2013
Best Sex Toys for Couples

Introducing sex toys into a relationship can not only enhance intimacy between you and your partner, it can also add a new lease of life to your bedroom activities. Sex toys allow us to discover new pleasures. When you’re able to share that with your partner you are well on your way to an exciting and more fulfilling sex life.

There are plenty of sex toys that have been specifically designed to be used with a partner, often referred to as couples’ toys. These pleasure enhancers generally focus on enhancing female pleasure but provide a stimulating experienced for the male partner too.

We’ve picked 5 of the best sex toys for couples:   

sextoys1. The Reversible Stroker

Most commonly referred to as male masturbators, the Stroker is a great and inexpensive toy that can be easily used by a couple. The inner side offers stimulating ridges that simulate the sensations of oral sex, whilst the outer side offers soft flexible nodules which provide an exciting stroking sensation. Strokers are literally ‘stroked’ up and down the shaft of the penis providing stimulation to the male partner. They can be used as part of foreplay and can be particularly helpful to couples who may be experiencing signs of erectile dysfunction. The use of a stroker will certainly help get your man in the mood.

It is always recommended to add a water-based lubricant when using a stroker to enhance the sensations and avoid any friction.


2. Vibrating Love Ring

Love rings, penis rings or cock rings as they are commonly known, help restrict the flow of blood to the penis, helping to maintain an erection for longer. Rings like the Dorcel Power Clit are great for women too as they are made with a protruding section featuring raised nodules which stimulate the clitoris during intercourse. A simple push button controller causes both the ring and the clitoral stimulator to vibrate, therefore enhancing pleasure for both partners.

Rings made from silicone, like this one, stretch to accommodate most girths and with a little waterbased lubricant will easily slide down the shaft of the penis and into position. Be sure to remove the love ring before your partner falls asleep or he may wake up to find he’s restricted a little too much blood.


3. Dorcel Remote Control Vibrating Egg

This is a toy for couples who are keen to take their bedroom antics out of the bedroom. Vibrating eggs provide internal vibration stimulation for women. The remote can be given to your partner to control the sensations hereby enhancing the overall experience. The egg is worn internally making it very discreet and ideal for couples looking for a more risqué experience can take this anywhere they wish. The Dorcel Remote Control Vibrating Egg features 10 different vibration settings, is waterproof, wireless and virtually silent.


4. FixSation

This innovative couples toy is the first non-invasive sex toy designed to be worn during lovemaking. Considering 70-80% of women find it difficult to reach orgasm unless clitorally stimulated, toys like FixSation provide clitoral stimulation whilst still looking pretty sexy.

Worn like underwear, FixSation features an intense vibration pack which cradles the clitoris. As the underwear section is completely open, it not only looks seductive, it doesn’t get in the way of love making. FixSation features 5 stimulation modes that progress in intensity. It is rechargeable via a USB cable (included) and comes with its own satin pouch for storage. The device is easily removed from the underwear for easy cleaning.


5. We-Vibe 3

We-Vibe 3 was the first couples’ toy designed to be worn during lovemaking. The device is c-shaped for simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation and is worn by the women during lovemaking which in turn provides vibrations on your partners penis. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for both your partner and the toy, and a little water-based lube is all you need. We-vibe 3 is completely waterproof – perfect for use in the bath, shower or spa. It’s rechargeable and comes with a remote control too. It has 6 different vibration modes and can of course be used with or without a partner. It comes in its own discreet storage case keeping it safe and clean at the same time.

It is always recommended to use a hygiene spray with your sex toys both before and after use. This is even more important when using sex toys with a partner to avoid the risk of any infection. Hygiene sprays are available from as little as $9.99 and well worth the investment.

Miss Tickles is the resident sexpert and sex toy party princess at Tickle and Delight. Miss Tickles travels the country bringing Sex-U-Cation to the women of Australia and New Zealand in the privacy of their own homes, surrounded by friends where they can laugh and learn together. Find out more at www.tickleanddelight.com.

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