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5 Fun Spring Date Ideas

5 Fun Spring Date Ideas

Spring has officially sprung, and that means love is in the air. Stop mooching on the couch with your man and enjoy these great 5 outdoors date ideas that is sure to put the mojo back in your relationship!

1. Belt it out at karaoke

Why does everyone have so much fun at karaoke? Because embarrassing yourself over one-hit-wonders is a lot of fun! Hit up your favourite Chinatown noodle joint then cruise over to a pumping karaoke bar and challenge yourself to a late-night duet or two!

2. Go for gold at barefoot bowls

You’ve been wrapped up in your winter woolies for so long, it’s time to get some sun on your skin and feel the grass under your feet. Many bowling clubs offer barefoot bowls on weekends, and who can say no to a cheap beer?

3. Visit a farmer’s market

Take a walk through your local farmer’s market. Start with a coffee then stock up on gorgeous spring produce. Head home and prepare a delicious lunch or dinner with your fresh ingredients: think of it as a masterchef mystery box challenge!

4. Take a river or dinner cruise

When was the last time you took a cruise? Now that the days are longer, enjoy a stunning spring sunset on the water with a glass or two of bubbly (but don’t forget to pack a cardi or scarf!)

5. Stroll through the botanical gardens

Flowers are in bloom, bees are buzzing, and what could be more romantic than a stroll through the botanical gardens…pack a picnic and while the afternoon away.

What’s your favourite spring date idea?

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