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5 Genius Side Hustle Ideas to Start Earning Extra ASAP

5 Genius Side Hustle Ideas to Start Earning Extra ASAP

Whether it’s juggling entrepreneurship on top of a day job or owning the freelance economy, side hustles have become quintessential to millennial work culture.

In fact, a research study by Manpower Group confirms that two out of five millennials prefer to work a string of part-time jobs instead of following the 9-5 standard.

What’s more, side hustles are a great way to double your savings. Yes, we’ve all got bills to pay and dreams to achieve, but a side hustle could also make for a good hedge for whenever you feel bogged down by your day job. So if you’ve been looking to get your foot in the door but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place with these side hustle ideas:


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1. Open an online store

Channel your inner Kate Morris and get into e-commerce, as the possibilities in terms of which products you can sell are pretty much endless. You could scour the racks of flea stores and sell your vintage finds on eBay, or get crafty and sell some handmade goods on Etsy. They don’t even have to be physical products! Even wallpaper, prints, and templates can all be put up for sale.

2. Get writing

Writing is one of the best skills to have because you can apply it virtually everywhere and do it anywhere. You could proofread essays, craft captions for social media, edit resumes, and much more. If you’re passionate and willing to put in even more work, having your own blog could also be highly rewarding because you’ll be able to monetize it.

3. Teach

There’s always something you know that other people would pay to learn. If you like being in front of a camera, you could turn to platforms like YouTube and make instructional videos. Whether it’s make-up tutorials or cooking how-to’s, you can sell advertising spots on these videos and cash in. You could also try your hand at online coaching, which marketing expert John LaRosa predicts will become one of the most exciting and lucrative industries in the coming years.

4. Invest your money

The world of investment can be a little intimidating, but it does provide excellent ways to earn money while you sleep. It doesn’t always have to involve too much financial jargon or mounds of cash. For instance, micro-investing apps like Raiz or Amber provide an efficient way to ease yourself into investing. Of course, if you’re more serious about your venture and have a bigger budget to spare, FXCM recommends looking into forex, or foreign exchange trading. As the largest trading market in the world, it can usually get you faster returns. Just be sure to brush up on the various strategies and get a grip of how it works to really reap the long-term benefits.

5. Share your space

Whether it’s a spare room, a storage area, or your car, don’t leave that extra space to waste. When not in use, consider renting it out to people in need. According to a recent Finder survey, driving for Uber is one of the most lucrative side hustles at the moment, but it’s just one of the many ways to join in the sharing economy and boost your cash flow.

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