5 Healthy Comfort Foods

September 6, 2014

Ever wanted to snack on something quick and easy when you’re feeling peckish, but feel sluggish and sick afterwards? There are a variety of snacks and meals which will satisfy your cravings but best of all – are also super-healthy! Swap your junk foods snacks for the 5 following healthy alternatives.

Sweet potato chips

5 Healthy Comfort Foods

Crave the crunch of chips but want to keep a tighter waistline? Sweet potatoes are a healthier alternative since they’re packed with essential vitamins and minerals, minus the amount of carbohydrates when compared with a standard potato.

Cauliflower pizza

5 Healthy Comfort Foods

Swap your standard base for a healthier alternative of cauliflower. Simply chop finely, pop into a food processor then create the base by pushing the mixture down with your hands. Half the calories with a classic crunch!

Baked eggs

5 Healthy Comfort Foods

Eggs are some of the best super-foods, since they are loaded with nutrients and of course protein. Enjoy your eggs baked with a side of greens, low-fat cheese and lean-mats for a satisfying dish.

Oatmeal cookies

5 Healthy Comfort Foods

Why deny yourself when you don’t have to? Try these quick and easy oatmeal cookies which are packed with yummy currants, raisins and are sure to keep the cravings away.


5 Healthy Comfort Foods

There are healthy ways to enjoy your popcorn without feeling the extra bit of guilt. Enjoy wholegrain kernels and avoid any buttery toppings which will only pack on the extra calories.

Images via LifeHack, Mccormick, The Cafe Sucre Farine, Green Kitchen Stories, 24 Fit Club

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