5 Home Hair Styling Tips

July 17, 2013

You’d like to style your hair at home and save money going to the salon, but don’t think you’d do as a good a job as your favourite hair stylist? Well, from personal experience I can tell you it’s not as difficult as you think to do your own hair at home, if you follow our 5 best home hair styling tips:

1. Style damp hair

Think back to the salon. Hair stylists always work with damp, not wet hair. So the best way to do this at home is to wash your hair, and use a fluffy towel to wrap it in a turban style to absorb the excess moisture. Style your hair within 20 minutes of rinsing it.

2. Keep your own set of tools handy

You will need a set of hair tools for doing your own hair styles at home. Your kit should include a light but powerful hair dryer; a hair straightener; hair brushes of all shapes and sizes (paddle brush, roller brush, flat brush etc); hair rollers (metal or plastic); and curling irons. Some hair straighteners have round edges so they can double as a curling iron. If you’re just starting out, invest in one or two quality products and take the time to get comfortable using them, before buying a whole range of hair products.

3. Hair styling products for you

You’ll need some hair styling products to care, condition and create your favourite hairstyles. Start with a leave-in conditioner, which detangles your hair in seconds, before you even start styling. Also choose a light oil or serum, which smooth the hair cuticle and lasts forever as you only need a few drops. You will also need a medium hold hair spray; a dry shampoo (store bought, or make it at home using from talcum powder); and your favourite brand of shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair type. Then have fun stocking up on a variety of hair accessories, including rubber bands, barrettes, hair pins, hair grips, and hair clamps to get the look you want.

4. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Mirrors play an important role in doing your hair at home. Invest in at least two good mirrors, one on the wall, and one handheld.  You will need both mirrors to see how your hairstyle is looking, once it is done.

5. Practice makes perfect

To be able to style your hair well, you’ll need to practise, practise, practise. So get out your tools, and your styling products and spend some time perfecting the look. Browse YouTube for hair tutorials. Get a friend to take a look at your hairstyle and give you some honest feedback. Also try out clothes and jewellery along with the hairstyle to decide on the look which suits you  best. Have fun!

Do you style your hair at home or are you a slave to the salon? Tell us in the comments!

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