5 Cringe-Worthy Guys Every Woman Has Slept With

September 28, 2015

You screw, you learn. 

There are few sexually active women on the face of this earth who haven’t bumped bits with at least one of the men on this list somewhere along their relationship travels. They’re not particularly good in bed and they’re not particularly sparkling in the personality department either, but they are extremely memorable, for another reason…

1. The Jackhammer 


If you’ve ever had to physically brace yourself on the bed to stop your head from flying through the headboard like a pinball, chances are you’ve been intimate with The Jackhammer. Convinced sex is a race and his penis is a tool of mass destruction, The Jackhammer likes to thrust at an exponential rate that defies time and gravity, preferring to leave matters like sexual arousal, lubrication and your orgasm out of the equation in favour of a vibration-inducing session of rapid grinding that typically ends as quickly as it began, usually with you walking like you’re auditioning for a role in a Western movie for several days afterwards.

2. The Gymnast


With the sole purpose of contorting your body into as many death-defying positions as possible, The Gymnast takes the calorie-burning aspect of sex to a whole new level. A man determined to make it to The Guinness Book Of Records for most sex positions achieved in a single session of intercourse, The Gymnast’s favourite moves include the near-impossible and physically torturous wheelbarrow and cowboy positions, as well as any poses that allow him to tower powerfully over you while you exhaustedly put in all the leg work, silently praying he’ll tire soon.

3. The Egotist


If you’ve ever had your head pushed down between a man’s legs (every girl’s favourite form of foreplay, right behind having a man beg for sex and being asked if he can come in your face), you were almost certainly in bed with The Egotist. Blissfuly unaware of the fact you are an actual thinking human and not a sex robot, The Egotist likes to enjoy his partners like handy orifices focused entirely around his ejaculation. His favourite phrases include, “Why won’t you give me head? Go on, you know you’ll love it…” and “Wanna do anal?”, both of which are typically proposed on your first (and hopefully last) encounter.

4. The Porn Junkie


The Porn Junkie has watched more porn than you have Netflix, and is never further than a click away from an anal fisting flick. Trying to have sex with The Porn Junkie without at least the faint sounds of a woman being violently deep-throated in the background is like trying to find a top in your size at a Zara sale. Easy to spot, The Porn Junkie’s Google history reads like most people’s nightmares and hitting the suss-looking app on his iPhone is a mental-scar-inducing experience only the strongest willed of women can emerge from unscathed. If you’ve ever felt the distinct notion that your presence during sex is merely superfluous, you’ve done the dirty with The Porn Junkie.

5. The Therapy Patient


Perhaps the easiest of all to identify, The Therapy Patient feels the need to ask reassuring questions in bed more often than you’ve spoken words in a 24 hour period. His stock phrases include, “Can I touch you now?”, “Can I kiss you now?”, “Am I doing it right?”, “Should I move more to the left?”, “How about the right?”, and so on. Sex with The Therapy Patient is typically brought to an abrupt end after you’ve exploded, “Can you just SHUT UP?!”, after which point he’ll usually require several hours of nursing as he cries into your lap, philosophically questioning his existence.

Comment: Do you have any other annoying bed habits to add to the list?


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