5 of the Hottest Blonde Celebrity Hairstyles

Julia Blanter

Blondes have more fun, right? Maybe that’s why so many of Hollywood’s leading ladies have made blonde their signature hair colour. There has never been a better time to go blonde, or enhance your light hair with a new blonde hair colour. If you aren’t sure where to start with your hair makeover, get inspired with some of our favourite blonde celebrity hairstyles.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s long, sleek style
Gwyneth has styled her straight hair in different lengths, from short bob to long and blunt, and if you have naturally-straight hair, her look may be for you.

You can just blow dry it straight and let it go. However, if you want it to be more poker straight and polished, get out your straightening iron to get the hair to lay flat. Apply a little frizz serum or put some hairspray on your brush and run it through your hair to tame flyaways.


Kate Hudson’s relaxed waves
The quintessential beach babe, Kate Hudson has an effortless style and natural beauty. Her relaxed, beach waves look like they’ve been kissed by the sun, with natural highlights.

To get Kate’s relaxed waves, apply a heat-protecting serum to your dry hair then wrap sections of hair around a curling iron on low or medium heat. You don’t want to use gel or high heat, or you’ll create a curl that looks too structured and crisp. Use your fingers to relax the curls when you’re done. The look is even easier to achieve on second-day hair.


Gwen Stefani’s signature platinum locks
The glam rock goddess has made her platinum hair and red lips her signature look. Whether she opts for retro curls or simple and straight hair, she looks beautiful in both styles.

To get your own platinum locks, it’s best to visit a professional. You can get the look at home, but it’s easy to turn your hair orange or make it spotty. If you do attempt to bleach your hair, make sure you protect your scalp and hair from damage by applying coconut oil to your scalp the night before you bleach. Also, you’ll have to get touch-ups every two to three weeks. Roots will stand out faster against platinum hair.


Jennifer Lawrence’s cute pixie
After shooting The Hunger Game: Catching Fire, J-Law decided to shore her longs locks and try something totally different – sparking a trend for pixie cuts.

To style a pixie cut, blow dry it and scrunch it between your fingers with a little mousse or gel. Tousle it as you go to give it some texture. Sweep your fringe to the side for an effortless yet polished look.


Miley Cyrus’ faux-hawk
Miley Cyrus has radically changed her image over the last year, and the first step was cutting off her long, brown hair and styling it into a platinum faux-hawk.

To style your own faux-hawk, you’ll need to start with an ultra-short haircut. Apply a shaping cream or wax to the hair and begin pushing it up. Keep working the cream into the hair while you work it up and toward the front of your head. You’ll have a kind of wave forming at the front, then you can grab the top and shape it back.

Which celebrity has your favourite blonde hairstyle?