Insanely Clever Ways To Use Hairspray

Nadia Bokody

Who knew your humble can of hair cement could do all this?

Hairspray should be renamed Magic In A Can, because, as it turns out, there’s really nothing that unsuspecting bottle of product on your dresser can’t do.

My own trusty bottle of Elnett has seen me through an array of crises, from school dance recitals to last-minute wedding finessing, I’m known to keep a purse-sized bottle handy at all times (you never know when a stray hair is going to ruin your day). And now it seems, my favourite beauty product is going next level, with a bag of tricks more impressive than Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers at a sentencing, I’m already eagerly stocking up in anticipation of the cans I’ll be spraying my way through now I know just what it’s capable of.

Prepare to have all your life’s most epic dilemma’s solved in a single spritz.

1. Pantyhose perfection


Sprung a ladder? Simply spray on a small amount of hairspray. The adhesive will stop it from going any further.

2. Less lint


Get rid of stubborn lint from your clothes by spraying a rag with hairspray then rubbing over lint. The stickiness of the spray will collect it with ease.

3. Shiny shoes


To fix a scuffed looking pair of heels in a snap, spray with hairspray, which will add an instant sheen to your shoes.

4. Inked out


To remove an ink stain from fabric, spray the stain with hairspray, allow to set, then rub with an old toothbrush. It’s like magic.

5. Face in place


Keep your face in place all day long after applying your makeup by lightly spritzing with a quick mist of hairspray, which is a perfect alternative to a makeup setting spray. Just be sure to hold the can arm’s length from your face.

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