5 Items Every Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

February 5, 2015
5 Items Every Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

If you are a bride-to-be, don’t miss out on packing the essentials on your wedding day. We have created the ultimate survival kit packed with the absolute must-haves which every bride needs before walking down the aisle.

Choose a small, discrete clutch to store some of these products which you and all the bridesmaids will be using throughout the entire day.

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Thermal water

Especially if you suffer from extremely dry skin, or your wedding is taking place in a hot, humid climate, then this is most definitely the number one essential. Use it as a toner before applying makeup, setting your fake-tan in place, adjusting your hair, or even applying over your body to cool down before walking down the aisle. Almost all thermal waters are all the same, and don’t contain any nasty additives, so they are perfect to use on your wedding day!


Just in case. Your shoes might terrorise your feet throughout the entire day, and it’s always better to carry around a pack of plasters in your survival kit. Choose a waterproof formula which is best because it sticks to sweaty feet (gross, but true), and they will be your holy grail.


While a deodorant might seem like a no-brainer, this is such an important product you should never forget to pack. Just think about standing out in the heat all day long! A spray is easy to use, and won’t stain your dress unlike a roll-on formula which sometimes leaves a nasty white residue on clothes. Quickly dab the area with a tissue to remove an excess product after each application.

Eye drops

Can you imagine all the crying you and the bridesmaids will be doing during the speeches and ceremony? A pack of mini eyedrops are a must-have since they will remove any redness, and won’t show that you were crying in the wedding photos. Phew!

Blotting paper

If you suffer from oily skin, then blotting paper should be one of the first items to add into your kit. These thin pieces of paper soak-up any oil on the surface of the skin, and create a flawless base for pictures. No need to carry around a translucent powder which will only make your face look thick and cakey.

What are some of your essentials?

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