5 Items You Need For Backpacking

July 19, 2014
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Regardless of where you’re travelling next, bringing along the right equipment is important especially if you’re backpacking and have limited room in your luggage. Packing at the last minute often results in forgetting many essentials, so try and be well prepared by preparing your bags ahead of time (without forgetting any important essentials). Keep reading for our top 5 items you will use regardless of where your next destination is.

1. Flip-flops

An easy-to-carry pair of sandals, flats or trainers is important to bring along if you’re constantly moving from each destination. These are an inexpensive option especially if you’re constantly required to take your shoes off when entering various temples, mosques, and even people’s homes. Flipsters make a variety of stylish fold-up shoes and sandals which easily pack away into a small carry case (as big as your smart phone!).

2. Face wipes

You’ve probably got this one covered in your makeup bag, but bring along a small pack of face wipes wherever you go. Not only are they great to use on the face, but help to eliminate germs and sanitise your hands without the use of water and soap. Great to use for cooling off, or simply just to freshen up throughout the day or night.

3. Book

Many may choose to disagree with this option, but a book is a great item to pack since flights and transportation take up so much time. If it feels too bulky to carry around on your trip, try out eBooks since they are easily stored on the phone and won’t take too much space in your carry-on or luggage.

4. Microfibre towel

Not only are these towels light and easy to carry, but they dry in half the time of a standard towel. A great option for anyone choosing to backpack throughout the duration of their trip, since towels come with a handy zip carry pouch of their own for those day trips.

5. Pen and paper

Bringing along a small un-lined journal and pen makes it easy to jot down experiences, people’s details and fun-facts throughout the holiday. This also comes in handy if you’re trying to remember some of the local languages, during your stay. Moleskine provide a large collection of classic notebooks which come in various colours and styles for people on-the-go.

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