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5 Minutes With Top Model, Ashley Hart

5 Minutes With Top Model, Ashley Hart

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She is one of Australia’s most successful models making a name for herself after long being known as the little sister of Victoria’s Secret model, Jessica Hart.

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There is nothing not to like about Ashley Hart. She is the kind of woman you want as your best friend and at the same time, you aspire to be more like her: Always smiling, embracing a healthy lifestyle full of yoga and meditation, and of course looking absolutely stunning.

Ashley Hart is returning as the face and ambassador of Melbourne Fashion Week which kicks off August 28, making the already fashionable city even more trendy. The Melbournian is an obvious choice for the event and not shy to praise her hometown.

As most successful models, Ashley lives in the USA dividing her time between LA and New York, but she’s always happy to come home to Australia. We caught up with the top model and newlywed and asked her about her shopping tips, her secret to happiness, and plans for the future.

You’re the official ambassador for Melbourne Fashion week again this year, which shows are you most looking forward to?

I know this will sound like a cop out – but all of them! Each show is different and has something for everyone in it. I like to mix it up with my fashion so I am excited to see whats out there. It‘s like a one-stop-shop where you can sit there and make notes about what I‘m going to go out and buy.

When it comes to shopping, are you an online-shopping girl or do you prefer the old-fashioned way and actually go to stores?

I love going into stores. There‘s nothing like touching and feeling the garments and chatting to staff. I really like fashion stores. Whenever I buy online, it might be for jeans or something where I‘ve already got a pair I know I like.

Are there any stores/boutiques in Melbourne that you love?

Christine! It’s my favourite store in the city. Beautiful hand picked product from local designers and around the world. Christine, the owner, is a beautiful person who cares very much about her product and customers.

I was looking through your Instagram photos and noticed that you’re always smiling, which I love! What’s your secret to happiness?

Meditation. I take a lot of time to meditate and breathe, and being in the now.

2015 seems to have been quite the success for you so far, both in your career and your personal life (congratulations on your wedding!), what are your plans for 2016?

I have a great job with a few brands and plan to travel from the USA to Australia a few times! Other than that I will see what the year brings, but if it’s the same as 2015 it will be busy!

Watch this video for an insider look behind the scenes of Melbourne Fashion Week and get to know Ash Hart even better.

5 Minutes With Topmodel Ashley Hart

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