5 Minutes With Anna Gare

December 13, 2011

We love a good sandwich at SheSaid, and so does Junior Masterchef judge Anna Gare. She shares her favourite (slightly weird) sandwich toppings and which recipe she thinks every home cook should master.

1. What’s your favourite sandwich for the kids?

I love getting creative when making sandwiches for the kids. One of their particular favourites I make is peanut butter and cucumber. It sounds a bit odd but it really works. You should try it!

2. …and what’s your favourite grown-up sandwich?

My personal favourite is Vegemite and mint. Again, it’s a bit of an unusual one but it reminds me of my Mum because she used to make it for us most days for school lunch!

I enjoy making sandwiches for my kids as I pop whatever leftovers we have in them.

3. Vegemite on toast – yay or nay?

Big yay from me! There is nothing better than some toasted 9 grain Tip Top with lashings of butter and Vegemite. My kids’ personal favourite when they were young was ‘Tiger Toast’ – I used Vegemite as a base and then made the tiger stripes out of thin batons of cheese. It all melts together beautifully under the grill. I still make it for the young cousins.


4. What can’t you live without in your kitchen?

At the moment I can’t live without my gorgeous new singing bread bin. I can now lie in bed in the mornings and I can hear when the kids get up and start to make their own breakfast. When the bread bin sings I know they are helping themselves. JOY!
I chose a retro print of bright red cherries for my bread bin, because it suits the iconic tip top good on ya mum jingle.

There’s also a really nice sentiment behind the singing bread bin, and that is for every bread bin sold it will help to raise money for Ovarian Cancer which is relevant to all woman and mums.

5. What are you looking forward to cooking this summer?

Summer is my favourite time of year. It lends itself to outside parties, gathering all the family together for picnics and BBQs. It is also a great time to enjoy all the seasonal fruit and veggies, I can’t wait for my passionfruit vine to fruit, and the first thing I will whip up will be a few passionfruit tarts!

6. What’s one recipe every home cook should master?

I believe the world would be a happier place if everyone knew how to cook slow-baked pork belly with lots of crackling!

Everyone should also have a never-fail chocolate cake recipe, because we all love chocolate and we all love eating cake. My chocolate cake recipe has won over many hearts and is in my new cook book called “Homemade.”

7. ‘What does ‘Good on ya Mum’ mean to you?

Whenever I hear those words, it immediately takes me back to growing up in the Seventies. Every time mum did something funny or nice for us, we would all sing the jingle to her as a way of saying thank you. It’s a catchy little jingle and I would say let’s put “good on ya dad” in the song, but you can’t mess with a hit tune. It really is good on ya dad in our household, he makes the school lunches every morning. We should just write another song for the dads and make sure we get Lucky Starr, the original singer of the jingle to sing the song, I was a huge fan!

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