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5 Minutes With Annalise Braakensiek

5 Minutes With Annalise Braakensiek

5 Minutes With Annalise Braakensiek

Actress, model and TV personality Annalise Braakensiek has teamed up with lingerie leader, Bras N Things, to launch a collection of eco-friendly lingerie for larger-busted women, called the “Annalise” range, specializing in C-F cups.

“It’s green. No toxic ink, organic cotton, organic bamboo, sustainable produce, the swing tags are recycled cardboard and even attached with organic twine. As eco-friendly as I can possibly make it. Looking after girls with bigger boobs and looking after the environment at the same time,” says Annalise.

“It’s something that’s been needed for so long. I started working on this three years ago. There were no fashionable large sizes. I think it’s great now women of all sizes can get lingerie that suits their personality,” she says. Bras N Things’ “Annalise” collection does just that with romantic colours, embellishments and flirty, feminine lace.

1. Eco lingerie is an amazing idea – hat was the process like creating such a unique, forward-thinking concept?

I am a passionate environmentalist, and I’m grateful to be working with a company that appreciates my values. I absolutely love designing lingerie, I love the whole process, from the initial drawing of the design, to designing the fabrics, working with the team and Bras N Things on the perfect fit, and I especially love that woman can now have sexy, supportive, fashion forward lingerie no matter what cup size that wont us cost the earth!

2. Lingerie for bigger bust ladies has always been frumpy. What styles and cuts should women with big boobs look for?

There are different bras for different occasions, but they never need be frumpy! I personally prefer a balconet style.. lift and separate with great support. My Jennifer bra is my favourite.

3. Mood lighting, sexy music…what are your tips for flaunting it in the bedroom?

Ha ha, candle light and yummy tunes and some of my sexy lingerie usually does the trick…

4. What was it like to model for the campaign?

I love working with Rae Morris the makeup artist, we always have a lot of fun on set! I love seeing my designs come to fruition after months of designing and working on them…

5. Which designers do you admire? Do you see yourself designing more lingerie or even moving into clothes and accessories?

I admire Willow, Camilla, Vivienne Westwood to name a few, and yes, id love to design sleepwear and eventually swim wear too, I’m actually working on my signature jewellery range “Annalise” which will be available at in a month or so! I studied jewellery design at uni, so going back to my roots!

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