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5 Minutes With Celebrity Makeup Artist Dean Nixon

5 Minutes With Celebrity Makeup Artist Dean Nixon

He’s done the makeup for Miranda Kerr and Jen Hawkins and now celebrity makeup artist and Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect brand ambassador Dean Nixon shares his favourite beauty products, his tips on creating flawless skin and his clever anti-ageing makeup tricks…

What are your top five can’t-live-without beauty products?

I think every good makeup starts in the set-up of the skin, so my first must have would have to be a good hydrating moisturiser. I personally love the Dr. Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream.

In the warmer months an SPF with a minimum of 15 is a must applied over the moisturiser to protect against premature ageing from our harsh sun.

Next, it would have to be a foundation primer to smooth the texture of the skin, lock in the goodness from your skincare and give a longer wear to your foundation.

A great bronzer is a good staple to anyone’s makeup bag to give the skin soft sun kissed colour and last but not least, I love it when the skin has a beautiful radiant glow so definitely an illuminiser. Apply it to the highpoints of the cheeks, nose and brow to give a softer youthful look.

How do you create a flawless, radiant base?

“Flawless” will always start with your skin, so make sure you use a great skincare routine and a moisturiser which keeps the skin soft and smooth. Next, apply a primer to smooth out the texture of the skin and prepare it for your foundation. When it comes to applying your foundation, I like to use a foundation brush to give me more control. Make sure your foundation colour blends easily into your skin without having to work it in too hard.

Then, starting at the centre of the face, apply only where you need it and blend out and down. The look you should be heading to is perfect even tone, but a barely there appearance. If a little more coverage is needed, add a little concealer to the under eyes and any blemishes. Be light on the powder when setting your foundation, you don’t want to lose the “radiance”. Finish off with a little illuminiser, applied to the highpoints of the cheeks, nose and brow to give you a controlled glow.

What are your favourite anti-ageing makeup tricks?

I think my favourite trick would have to be my “combat annoying lines” tip. I believe by trying to cover your lines you will more often than not only highlight them, but I have come up with a simple technique where you mix a little of the Dr. Lewinn’s Anti-ageing Skin Perfect Illuminiser with the Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Concealer and tap it on to the affected lined area with your ring finger. The combination of the two products will give a little coverage while diffusing the lines at the same time.

For an even better result, set up the application by applying the Dr. Lewinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Corrective Line Filler as part of your daily skincare routine.

What’s your favourite summer beauty trend?
I love beautiful fresh, youthful looking skin no matter what age a woman is or for that matter what time of the year. However, I find it’s much easier to achieve it in the warmer months as we all tend to drink loads more water than in the colder months. With this in mind, it’s easier to get a perfectly blended out soft base to even out the skin. Instead of heading straight to your usual foundation, try mixing a little of the Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Concealer with a little of Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Illuminiser and use as an alternative.

We also show a little more skin in the warmer months and I love a little “Hollywood Glow” on the legs and arms. To achieve, mix a little of the Dr. Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Illuminser with the Dr. Lewinn’s Tone-up Body Moisturiser and apply generously all over the body.

How do you summer-proof your makeup so you don’t look shiny?
I always start my makeup process by applying a primer to the skin to set it up. It will leave the skin looking smoother and less lined while allowing the foundation to lock onto it for a much longer wear.

Less foundation in summer is definitely more. To help with the wear and control the moisture or oil on a hot day, I would suggest you carry a pressed powder with you and apply when and where needed. It will keep the moisture out of the foundation and keep your makeup looking fresh all day.

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