5 Minutes With Celebrity Trainer Geoff Jowett

September 9, 2010

5 Minutes With Celebrity Trainer Geoff Jowett

1. What is your philosophy to losing weight and getting fit?

When I was a personal trainer I couldn’t figure out how so many people were slogging their guts out at the gym but still not able to drop the kilos. It was then I realised that food not exercise is the key to successful weight loss and I created my weight loss equation. I believe that 70% of weight loss is the timing and type of food you eat, 20% is basic movement and 10% is strenuous exercise. If you are eating the right food and walking only 10,000 steps per day, you’re at 90%. For the first 4 weeks, I recommend that people wanting to lose weight to focus solely on food and basic movement as too drastic a change can lead to failure.

2. What are your top tips for getting motivated?

It is easier to stay motivated when you have an end date in sight. Set yourself a target weight or dress size that you want to have reached and track your progress weekly in a food and weight loss diary. You can keep track of your progress by weighing, measuring at key points or even by just taking the time to notice how your clothes are now fitting. I also suggest giving yourself one free day per week. Not only does this help people stay on track, it gives the metabolism a kick start.

3. We’ve all been indulging in stodgy comfort food over winter – what are your favourite superfoods that are healthy but also tasty?

Summer is a great time for fresh fish, shelled prawns and delicious salads. Food should be about flavour so enjoy all the flavourful foods available and avoid bland filler foods like rice, pasta and bread and your body will take care of the rest. The perfect meal is a serving of lean protein with salad or veggies on the side. Try a delicious grilled salmon fillet with summer veggies or a great barbequed steak with salad. Keep your appetite in check and your metabolism working by having three regular meals with three protein snacks a day.

4. What is your favourite exercise for getting rid of a muffin top?

I see people in a gym doing thousands of sit-ups when basic movement and healthy eating are far more effective. You can work the muscles all you want but if it is covered in a layer of fat, your muffin top won’t disappear. Just committing to taking 10,000 steps a day, around a 30 minute walk combined with eating right is all you need to do.

5. With so many diet myths out there, what do people need to know about healthy eating?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight is skipping meals, cutting out snacks and generally cutting down on food intake. Losing weight is about eating regular portions of the right food to keep your metabolism working at its best. But that doesn’t mean eating low fat yoghurts and sugary fruit for breakfast. It would be much better to eat a healthy veggie omelette which gives the body essential protein and vegetables to lose weight.

Geoff Jowett is a former celebrity trainer and Australian Personal Trainer of the Year and the creator of the Bodytrim system, which has already helped over 300,000 Australian win their battle with obesity. Visit www.bodytrim.com.au.

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