5 Minutes With International Makeup Artist April Greaves

October 4, 2011

New York-based makeup artist April Greaves has teamed up with Bloom to develop the sultry 1960’s-inspired Belle de Jour collection. She shares her makeup tricks, can’t-live-without products and tips for perfect skin with SheSaid.

1. How and why did this collaboration with Bloom get started?

I have so many ideas for colours and products that I have been thinking about for some time. Wanting to collaborate with an existing brand, I was thrilled when Natalie was in NYC recently and asked me to develop a ‘Spring Colour Collection’ for Bloom Cosmetics. I’m excited about the project as the Bloom line, which I have known since its inception, stems from organic skincare and botanical makeup which is in keeping with my philosophy. Looking after your skin is so important and from there makeup is the fun part, with all its tricks to enhance what we have!

2. What do you love about the Belle de Jour look?

The look in terms of makeup is simple, chic and pretty, with strength. I am particularly drawn to the classic contouring of the eye, done in a modern way with this collection, using a new waterproof Eye Crayon. The whole look is the iconic YSL wardrobe, a great coat with 1960’s classic Roger Vivier gold buckle shoe…the director- Luis Banuel, had a foot fetish!

3. Catherine Deneuve rocked the winged eyeliner look in Belle de Jour. What are your tips for creating the perfect winged eyeliner?

The liner application in the Belle de Jour look is key, in that the socket line of the eye is enhanced using the waterproof formula Bloom crayon- draw a line in the crease and soften a little to blend, a line along the lash line with a little extension kick, enhanced with Bloom liquid liner which can also be smudged and softened with a brush, so that it’s not too perfect looking, leaving just a little separation at the outer corners between the two lines.

4. How do you like to apply cream blush (fingers, brush…?)

If the cream blush is to be applied directly onto fresh skin I like to apply with fingers onto the apple of the cheek and blend to soften, however to apply over foundation without ‘moving’ everything and still maintaining coverage- the Bloom Liquid Foundation Brush works well to layer the cream blush or a smaller very soft brush applying the blush in circular motions works well too.

5. What is your daily makeup look?

Mascara, sheer cheek color, tinted moisturiser, concealer and sheer pink or a strong red lipstick – very simple.

6. What’s your top tip for creating a perfect canvas?

Apply Bloom Makeup Base to the entire face then work on your eye makeup first, it’s more effective, especially when working with darker colors which may fall onto the skin, that way you can clean up easily and then apply your foundation, followed by concealer and a little Pure Mineral Powder Foundation, if needed, to set the look.

7. In your experience what’s the best way of achieving clean, glowing skin?

Layering the products is key. A great primer is the best way to start, it prepares the surface of the skin and helps the makeup to last, without ‘sliding’ around. For the Belle de Jour look I used Bloom’s Makeup Base. I also love working with a sheer and real looking foundation- Bloom’s Mineral Plus Liquid Foundation gives a great finish with a nice amount of coverage and evening of skintone. Powder blush lasts the longest, especially on combination skin as they have the most amount of color pigment. A great trick is to apply a little cream blush over the top of powder blush, applied onto the apples of the cheeks to give freshness to your face. Concealor should be applied last, under the eyes and around the t-zone, inlcuding any blemishes or areas that may need a little more help. A light dusting of powder, especially on the T-zone will help set the look.

8. What are your 3 can’t-live-without beauty products for summer?

Sunscreen (Bloom’s Daily Shield Face is great as it is especially formulated for the delicate skin on the face!), tinted bronze moisturiser and pink lip gloss.

9. Which celebrity has the best makeup at the moment?

I admire model Karen Elson’s experimentation of color and looks. Makeup is supposed to be fun!

The Belle de Jour Colour Collection is now in store at selected Myer stores, David Jones and online at bloomcosmetics.com.

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