5 Minutes With Kaz Cooke

March 22, 2013

Kaz Cooke has been helping Aussie women with her unique, down-to-earth advice for over 20 years, and her new range of ebooks is no different. I remember my sister giving me Kaz’s book Real Gorgeous when I was a teenager and it gave me a real perspective on self-esteem, beauty, life goals and self-worth. Kaz chats with SheSaid about stress, happiness…and how women can really have it all.

Kaz, can you summarise your life philosophy in one sentence?

Whoops. Never mind.

What are your tips to help women manage their work/life balance?

Keep lists, keep calm, keep in touch with girlfriends who sustain you and who need you, and don’t keep grudges, clothes that look bad, or exotic pets. Make it clear everyone in a family is expected to do several jobs. If necessary give other people lists.

When in doubt cut down on TV and drinking and increase thinking/planning time. Even when you’re a freelancer, make sure you get some sort of “weekend” or work and leisure blurs, and leisure disappears.

The idea that women can have it all is both a blessing and a curse. How do you cope with the challenges of being a modern day women?

I think it’s important to understand that it’s unrealistic to think you can have it all or do it all at the same time. It’s helpful to see your life in stages. But I would say – as much as possible get as far and high as you can in your career before you have kids without compromising your likely fertility.

And also, most importantly, YOU choose what your priorities are – don’t be swayed by what you “should” do or what others might want for you.

How do you deal with stress?

“What? You are, shut up. When? But I didn’t… Oh. Where’s my list. Arggghhhh. I’ll just do it now then, shall I? Oh look, my brain just exploded.” But you know what? I’m trying to change. Starting with reminding myself that life is short so it’s time to identify some priorities and start saying “No, thank you” and if necessary “Noooo!!! NO! Get away!!” to things that get in the way of family and relaxing.

What makes you truly happy?

Well, I feel like a huge dag saying this but holding hands with either my common law husband or my daughter (I’m not sure how much longer I can persuade her to do this, so I treasure all our road crossings).

Kaz Cooke’s ebooks are available to purchase here starting at only $4.99. Plus, Kaz is giving away her ebook Escaping Control & Abuse: How to Get Out of a Bad Relationship & Recover from Assault for free! Surprise someone by gifting them a Kaz Cooke ebook – they make brilliant presents for everyone from girlfriends and sisters to aunts and nieces.

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