5 Minutes With Lush Co-Founder Rowena Bird

August 22, 2011

5 Minutes With Lush Co-Founder Rowena Bird

With more than 25 years in the cosmetics industry, Rowena Bird has been instrumental in the global success of the Lush brand. Her passion for beauty and colours has led her to invent some of Lush’s best-selling products including its Buffy body butter, Colour Supplements and Ultrabalm.

1. Which Lush product are you most proud of creating?

Ultrabalm because it’s a natural version of Vaseline, so to get something that’s better than the staple product is pretty wonderful. Ultrabalm is extremely versatile – you can do 100 different things with it!

2. What are your favourite Lush products for summer?

Mixing our new Australian Igloo sugar scrub with our Turkish Delight shower smoothie is absolutely beautiful and great for summer. Simply crumble up the sugar and mix it in to buff the skin – it’s great for using before or after fake tan. If your skin is well-buffed, it will look shiny and healthy. Lush shower jellies are also wonderful for summer as they can be frozen and then crushed all over the body for an invigorating icy-cold shower on a hot day.

3. More and more people now have sensitive skin. What are the best Lush products for those with sensitive skin?

Ultrabland – it does what it says on the pot – it’s gentle, bland and won’t interfere with troublesome skin. It can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover and facial mask.

Dream Cream is also wonderful for sensitive skin on the body. It contains beautiful ingredients of Oat Milk, Rose and lavender and was designed for people with sensitive skin in mind and is great for helping to alleviate eczema.

4. What are some of the most effective natural ingredients for great skin and hair?

Cold pressed organic oils, fruit butters and fresh fruits.

5. What’s coming up for Lush in Australia?

We have lots of new ranges coming out next year, including the exciting eco-invention of solid toothpaste, Toothy Tabs. These are cute little toothpaste tablets that require no tube, so minimising land-fill. You simply crush them up in your mouth and brush as you normally would and they come in a handy recycled and recyclable box.

Aside from Toothy Tabs, we are releasing one new product in each of the Lush ranges next year, which is sure to be amazing…but I can’t tell you too much about that yet!

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