5 Minutes With Pat Rafter

January 25, 2011

5 Minutes With Pat Rafter

When I told friends I was going to meet Pat Rafter, they all swooned. “He’s so gorgeous!”

And that’s exactly what Pat is – gorgeous, inside and out. As well as commentating for the Australian Open, he’s fronting up the new Dove Men+Care skincare range specifically created for men. The range is everything a man wants – from the masculine design of the bottles to the squeaky clean feeling the products leave on your skin.

Nothing’s over $11 with most products around $6. Plus there’s both soap and body wash putting an end to the eternal debate of what to use in the shower! The range also includes two foaming facial cleansers and a self-foaming cleanser with a lovely lather.

My favourite product is the Dual Sided Shower Tool – the mesh side creates a thick lather for deep cleansing and the scrub side exfoliates for smooth, healthy skin. My man’s been using it this week and I can’t keep my hands off him!

The best bit is the scents which are manly yet subtle – there’s nothing worse than a strong deodorant! Look out for Pat’s hilarious TV ads for Dove Men+Care, especially with him singing in the shower! And if you’re in Melbourne CBD be sure to catch his gigantic and seriously sexy billboard – lucky Melbournites!

Are you a soap or body wash kind of guy?

Definitely soap! It’s just there, no fuss. I’m not a fan of all these fussy bottles like my wife uses!

What’s your favourite product from the Dove Men+Care range?

The deodorant is great, really nice smell. I’m looking forward to trying all the products together.

How do you keep your gorgeous body looking the way it does?

I run, and hate it, I go to the gym, and hate it, but I also surf and play tennis.

Do you still play tennis every day?

(laughs) No! Once every couple of weeks.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?

I’m having shoulder surgery next month so looking forward to sitting at home on the couch watching TV for the next few months being very lazy!

Who would you like to see win the Australian Open?

A Federer-Nadal final would be amazing. As for the women’s, Kim Clijsters – she’s such a sweetheart – and Sam Stosur. Go Sam! (Unfortunately Sam lost in the second round last week)

Dove Men+Care is on sale from mid-February.

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