5 Minutes With Surf Champion Tyler Wright

September 8, 2011

18-year-old Aussie surfing sensation and Ford Ambassador Tyler Wright shares her fitness and diet secrets and how she turned her passion into a career.

What’s a typical days meal plan for you?

I don’t have set meal plans – I try to eat healthy with lots of fruit and veggies every day. I also drink lots of water.

What are your favourite healthy snacks?

Fruit – lots of fruit all the time, I really love watermelon. Celery and peanut butter is always a hit with me.

Away from the beach what kind of exercise do you do regularly?

Train in the gym with a personal trainer three times a week. We do cardio, stamina or strength training, mixing it up depending on what I’m lacking.

What are some of your favourite beaches in Australia to get to in the Ford Fiesta and overseas?

In Australia, Lenix beach, Culbulla beach (where I grew up), Boulders Beach (where I live now) and Snapper Rocks. Overseas I love Keramas and Uluwatu in Bali and Trestles in California.

What are you tips for turning your passion into your career?

Hard work! Work hard at what you want to do and achieve. Always keep it fun to keep it a passion – don’t turn it into a job that you hate.

Who inspires you?

My family – my brothers and dad were the ones who got me into surfing. Also, I really look up to Steph Gilmore, I think she’s just a cool person.

What’s coming up over the next year?

Right now I have six months off until my next event, so will be mucking around at home, surfing, training and just enjoying life. A tour next year so that means a lot of events and travelling.

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