5 Minutes With Tiffiny Hall

September 15, 2011

When we heard Biggest Loser trainer Tiffiny Hall endorsing her favourite gym clothes as a way to lose weight and get rid of cellulite, we had to learn more!

1. As an ambassador for Proskins, what are the health and cosmetic benefits to wearing them?

Being a weightloss expert I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks. But Proskins are the real deal.

After suffering an injury that prevented me from training, I was presented with a pair of Proskins Slim leggings to help maintain my tone whilst recovering. After reading up on the scientific research behind the garment, I was intrigued by both the athletic and cosmetic advantages, so decided to give them a trial.

I immediately fell in love with the leggings, the light-weight material felt terrific against my skin and unlike most compression garments, Proskins were easy to put on and not restrictive at all, making Proskins perfect for my type of training.

Wearing the leggings for the suggested eight hours a day, after two weeks I noticed a difference in the smoothness of my legs and the circulation benefits I would usually get from my intense training regime I was receiving from the tights!

I recently discovered Proskins Slim caffeine tights that help rid your body of fluid retention, regulate your body temperature whilst training and have micro-capsules impregnated in the yarn filled with ingredients to improve your skin tone and even help reduce cellulite! Proskins Slim work on your beauty inside out, so you can be in the office and aiding weightloss and cellulite reduction whilst working on the computer! They are the invisible workout that helps me to be in training and in condition all the time.

Now I train in Proskins, I sleep in Proskins, I dress them up with boots, or wear them under my taekwondo uniform. They make the best PJs because they regulate your body temp whilst asleep for maximum comfort. To keep your metabolism fast, you need your sleep otherwise the stress hormone (cortisol) shuts down fat burn. Proskins are a great way to make sure you are sleeping well for weightloss benefits.

The best thing about Proskins caffeine tights is that you can be time poor and still get a work out in! The tights are available exclusively at Rebel Sport and they are a great investment! The microcapsules will survive 100 washes. You could spend your money on ineffective diet pills and gimmicks, but Proskins are not a gimmick. They are a scientifically proven garment that will take off inches without cosmetic surgery, starvation or punishing training. That’s ninja!

2. Do you have any other tips to reduce the appearance of cellulite?

I have four rules I stick to that keeps my body in happy and healthy:

Eat naked

Summer is the perfect time to strip down. I eat naked all the time.  My contestants on The Biggest Loser all ate naked and we got the winner! Eating naked means eating foods that are not dressed up in packaging. There is so much great fresh 
produce in summer so take advantage by eating nude – lots of salads, fresh fish and berries.


The heat in summer makes us thirsty and we have to be careful not to become dehydrated and mistaken our thirst for hunger. We often mistaken our thirst for hunger and go searching for food. Our bodies are more sensitive to hunger than thirst so we have to make sure we don’t ‘drink our food,’ but drink when we’re thirsty and eat when we’re hungry. Summer is a great time to drink athletically. Measure your water intake and try to hit one or two litres a day. If you are dehydrated you shut down your fat burning system.


Find the right ‘fit’ for you. Summer is a social month so it’s easy to ditch an indoor coffee catch up for a walk outside. Some people love the gym but it’s not the best fit for me – I prefer outside and ninja action. Get out, get active. Join a running group, drag your gym equipment outside, create a walking bus to school with the kids, take an active family holiday, summer boot camps and group exercise outdoors are a fantastic way to get some healthy vitamin D and improve your health and fitness.

Initiate a hormone boot camp

In winter we all get a little bit fat and fluidy. It’s the season of emotional eating out of boredom, sickness or stress. So summer is prime for metabolism boot camp. The aim is to keep you ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin low and the ‘I’m full’ hormone leptin high. To keep hunger low eat lots of greens that are rich in water to fill you u and dig into omega-3s for healthy brain and immune system and to keep the ‘I’m full’ hormone high start your day with a big breakfast then protein punch each meal there after so that you feel full for longer: yoghurt for breakfast, beans for lunch, cottage cheese for a snack, grilled salmon for dinner.

3. We all love to snack – what are your favourite healthy snacks?

Mid-afternoon snacks will be a handful of pumpkin seeds or flaxseeds, two cups of blueberries mixed into a tub of natural Greek yoghurt. I’ll always have nuts and seeds in the handbag! Green apples. Spelt turkey wraps, salad wraps, lots of kinds of wraps that I prepare the night before and take with me on the go. I bake muesli slices, fruit slices and savoury muffins for the week on weekends (these recipes all in Tiffiny’s weightless book Weightloss Warrior).

4. What are your tips for getting back into exercise if you’ve been hibernating all winter?

Here’s the thing, I don’t believe in the M-word (motivation). I believe in building healthy habits that are based on wellness, not just fitness. I will push myself to maintain my health, but I’ll never punish myself or deprive. That’s a sure way to get yourself in a bad relationship with healthy eating and exercise.

On days when I don’t feel like training I’ll listen to my body. If my body is sore or tired I’ll go for a light walk or have a massage instead. I think the missing ingredient in weight-loss is listening to your body. I don’t believe in excuses, but I do believe in listening to your body.  It’s your body – only you know what you need. Sometimes you need more to catch up with a friend and talk it out than work out. I believe wellness and health is having compassion for yourself. The first step is to find a buddy to exercise with.

Summer is a social month so sign up to a boot camp together, join a running group or a gym, finding a support network is so important. Even trainers have trainers for this reason. Motivation is fleeting – support helps to pull you out of a rut and keep running.

5. You have amazing skin – what is your beauty routine?

I feed my skin like I feed my body – with vitamins. Your skin is always a reflection of what you eat. So to have great skin you have to start by ditching sugar, salt, processed foods and upping your water. I cleanse and tone then  apply pure Vitamin C, Vitamin A and B17 on my skin morning and night. I also use mineral makeup and wash my hair in mint tea to make it shine.

Have you tried Proskins or other weightloss/anti-cellulite clothing?

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