5 More Ways To Look Good, Feel Good In 2013

January 3, 2013

Our 2-week look good, feel good plan is about inspiring you to make 2013 your best year yet, and these tips from dietician Caitlin Reid of Healthy & The City (she’s also the South Sydney Rabbitohs club dietician!) will help you get there fast!

1. Fill your plate with summer rich fruit & vegetables

Summer fruit and vegetables are a fantastic way to boost your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables in particular are low in kilojoules and add bulk to meals, helping to fill you up without providing too many kilojoules. Add some fruit to your breakfast cereal and morning snack, and get your five serves of vegetables by enjoying plenty of salads at lunch and grilling your favourite vegetables for dinner.

2. Go out for treats
Make your home and workplace ‘treat free’, so you have to make yourself work a little by going out for treats. Having to go out for a chocolate brownie or an ice cream when the cravings strike gives you time to think about whether you actually need the treat in the first place. The more hassle it is to access your divine delicacies, the less likely you are to eat them and the less damage they have on your waistline.

3. Wear your skinny jeans weekly

Throwing on a loose summer dress is hassle-free and cooling, but it also makes it hard to notice any changes in weight. Keep your weight in check by trying on your skinny jeans each Saturday night. Weekends are usually associated with downtime – we tend to eat too much without doing enough exercise to compensate, ruining our chances of long-term weight loss. Trying on your skinny jeans on Saturday night helps motivate you to stick to your healthy eating and regular exercise on weekends.

4. Treat yourself one day a week

A sustainable weight loss program includes your favourite foods, just in a controlled manner. Allow yourself treats one day a week and keep a check on the portion sizes. If you do succumb to temptation, don’t give up when you overindulge in your favourite gelato or chocolate, acknowledge your mistake and then get right back on track. Dwelling on your “poor” food choice or continuing to overindulge because you feel like there is no longer any point to trying to shed the kilos, is not productive.

5. Get your beauty sleep

With a full social calendar it’s easy to skip the slumber, but cutting back on your beauty sleep will leave you hungrier the following day. Inadequate sleep disrupts the normal release of hormones that control our hunger. The result? You’ll eat as many as 1200 extra kilojoules the following day – that’s equivalent to a Snickers bar. Aim for 7-8 hours sleep each night.

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