5 most asked beauty questions!

September 24, 2009

Thin lips, lush lashes, dark circles, Asian eyes, dry skin … Maria Gabriel Ertas from The Makeup Store answers your most-asked beauty questions.

What is the best way to hide dark circles under my eyes? Robyn, QLD

“I often get asked this question and the most important thing to making your eyes look youthful is to keep the area well hydrated. Sure use a corrective concealer and cover up but essential to this area is to keep the skin plump and moisturized. There is nothing more unsightly then concealer build up in the folds of tired skin under your eye.”

I have really dry skin, what can I do to help it? Kara, NSW

“Water, water, water. Drink at least two litres of water a day for starters and try and eat food high in amino acids which feed th skin with goodness – this is beauty advice from the inside out, but very important! If your skin in ultra sensitive from the dryness then avoid perfumed products and use natural emollients. Products containing urea can help restore the skins natural moisture reserves. If the problem persists or increases in severity then it might be time to see your dermatologist.”

I have Asian skin, what eye colours look best on me? Miranda, VIC

“Navy shades looks great against dark brown eyes. Mascara in Aubergine also complements and will really make your eyes pop. Bronze rather than gold or silver if you are doing metallic.For a more extreme look why not channel the Harajuku girls with Makeup Store’s Microshadow in Aquarius or Nectar, $32.”

How can I make my eyelashes look Hollywood worthy? Alana, NSW

“Lashing of falsies is the key here! But keep then natural avoid that drag queen look. See my favourite shot from the couture shows. The girls at Jean-Paul Gautlier were made up like classic screen goddesses and their false lashes were central to this look. Get a natural finish by rigorously checking their position so they appear in line with your natural ones. Gradually use longer lashes to the outside of they eye to create that sought after elongated cats-eye, red carpet finish!”

I have thin lips, is there a trick to plump them up? Leila, SA

“My top tip is to add a touch of gold pigment to the centre of lips. So apply lipstick, if your doing block colour, then a touch of high gloss on top and add the tiniest touch of gold pigment below cupids bow to really make your pout stand out!”

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