5 Must-Try Japanese Drugstore Beauty Products

April 18, 2015

The French drugstore is renowned for its skincare, Korean drugstore makeup is on-trend and won’t break the bank, but the Japanese version combines the best of both worlds.

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If you want an effective skincare routine which won’t leave a hole in your pocket, look no further than the Japanese drugstore  these fabulous skincare and beauty treatments are sure to leave your skin feeling amazing from the inside out.

False eyelashes

Are you addicted to long, luscious lashes without the costly maintenance of extensions? Then the Japanese drugstore has you sorted! They are a fraction of the price – $2 compared to upwards of $10 – and are available in so many styles and colours. They even come with added accessories.


Aqua gel or water-based exfoliator is one of the best Japanese skincare secrets around. Why? It’s perfect for those suffering from extremely sensitive skin, who find it difficult to exfoliate without resulting in a red, itchy face afterwards. The product is made from 90 per cent water and gently removes any dead skin cells without aggravating existing acne spots.



Lots of Japanese mascaras have small, straight brushes which are perfect for those who have short and straight lashes. The long-lasting formula is designed for hot and humid climates, does’t clump, and won’t leave any excess product on the top of your lid after a long day at work.


Skin brightening

Skincare brands such as Sekkisei are known for their whitening properties, but many people use their products as a skin brightener instead. The milky lotion feels weightless on the skin (just like a cleanser) and absorbs quickly to give the skin a glow. Use as a primer to prep your skin before applying any type of makeup or moisturiser.


Cotton tips

Who thought that cotton tips could be so revolutionary? But the Japanese versions are actually sturdier than your average cotton tip and are used in a variety of different ways. You can fix your foundation, improve the appearance of a cat-eye flick, apply eyeshadow and can even use them to remove your lipstick.


Image via Rocket News, New Skin Plus, My Daily, Vanity Trove

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