Must-Try Korean Makeup Trends

March 28, 2015

South Korean makeup trends have been making waves recently and are renowned for their cute and quirky approach to women’s makeup. If you’ve ever wanted to try these looks before, then our easy guide will show you how to look like you’ve stepped out of a K-pop music video!

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Ombré lips

Gradient lips, otherwise known as ombré lips, are a subtle way to bring some colour to your entire face. The aim is to use 2 shades lighter than each other and carefully fill in those lines in your lips. Make sure to blend well with your finger or a cotton tip before attempting to use the next colour. What you should be left with is a look which is subtle and is perfect for those lazy makeup days.

5 Must-Try Korean Makeup Trends

Straight brows

Rather than elongating the natural shape and size of your brows, the makeup trend is usually reversed! In favour of shorter, more structured brow, concealer is placed over the tip and the rest of the brow is coloured with a thick pencil. Make sure to fill in any visible gaps with a brow pencil and set in place with a translucent gel.

5 Must-Try Korean Makeup Trends

Pink blush

Along with a porcelain base, most Korean women love to finish this look with a perfect pink blush. Choose an opaque shade, and build-up the look by starting small and focusing the product on the entire cheek. Keep blending until there are no lines of contour, or until you’ve reached your desired amount of blush!

5 Must-Try Korean Makeup Trends

Aegyo sal

One of the biggest beauty trends to come out of Korea definitely has to be aegyo sal. These are the little pockets of fat found under each eye, which are then heavily highlighted with shimmery or glitter powder. It helps to bring a visibly brighter, more youthful appearance to the face.

5 Must-Try Korean Makeup Trends

Dewy skin

There’s no denying that most eastern makeup trends prefer a dewy finish as opposed to something more matte. To achieve this look, use a light reflecting primer which will enhance your makeup (especially if you suffer from dry skin). No blotting papers or powders necessary!

5 Must-Try Korean Makeup Trends

Which makeup trend would you try?

Images via Fanny Fitty, Beauty High, All K-Pop, Madokeki, 3 Concepts Eyes

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