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5 New Sex Positions To Try This Weekend

5 New Sex Positions To Try This Weekend

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Looking to spice up your sex life? Try these new sex positions – including the number one move for guaranteed orgasms!

Doggy Style Plus
Doggy style is one of the most popular positions but here’s how to amp it up a notch. When you’re on your knees have your legs closed together, this will make it feel tighter. Then rest your upper body, forearms and head flat on the bed (or floor). It will give him an awesome view of your booty and deep penetration for you.

CAT Position
The Coital Alignment Technique has been credited with giving women more orgasms than any other position, so sit up and pay attention. Start in the missionary position with your legs spread just enough to let him enter you, giving him a tight fit. Then have him move about 5cm higher so his pelvis is aligned with yours (that’s where you get coital alignment from). Have him rock back and forth while you thrust your pelvis upward, in sync with him, so your clitoris rubs against the base of his penis. The constant pressure on your clitoris gives you a good chance of an orgasm, even simultaneous orgasms as he has control over speed and penetration. Give it a go!

Deep Stick
To get into the Deep Stick position, lie on your back on the bed or floor with your legs resting on the shoulders of your partner, who enters from a kneeling position. So your legs will be at 90 degrees with your body, or get them even closer your chest if you can. This is great if your partner isn’t very big as the angles allow for deep penetration. If he is big, prop a pillow under your bottom to adjust the angle and make it more comfortable.


Your partner lies down, you hop on top but face his feet. This is amazing for clitoral stimulation as you can bend forward towards his feet and rub against his thighs. Gives him a great view too!


Lie on the edge of a bed and lay your feet flat on the floor. Have your partner kneel or stand between your legs. This is a great position if you’re not feeling very flexible or energetic.

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