5 Overnight Beauty Treatments

September 16, 2014

Want to improve the look and appearance of your skin without moving a muscle? There are many overnight skincare treatments which are quick, effective and easy to master at home. Most overnight treatments are targeted towards premature ageing, clearing up acne and fighting uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation. If you suffer from any one of these problems, then try the following beauty treatments to change the skin you’re in.


If you’re prone to the occasional monthly breakout, then try using tea tree oil before bedtime. Cleanse your face as usual, then apply a night moisturiser to hydrate the skin while you sleep. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on top of your pimple, let it soak through, then simply go to bed!

Chapped lips

Both men and women suffer from chapped lips, especially during the winter months where the cold air only makes the situation worse. Exfoliate your lips with a clean toothbrush, and carefully brush over the top and bottom before applying a nourishing oil by patting onto the lips. Olive, coconut or almond oil all work effectively to hydrate dry lips.

Puffy eyes

About half an hour before going to bed, store your eye cream in the fridge since the cool formula will help to de-puff your under-eye area. Avocado and almond oil also work well, so pat the product into the skin before heading to bed.

Longer lashes

The secret to longer lashes aren’t temporary eyelash extensions or even a brand new lengthening mascara that’s just hit the market. The best way to give life to your lashes is by applying castor oil from root to tip before hitting the sack. Dip a cotton tip into the solution, then carefully coat the lash.

Reduce lines

Apply a generous dose of vitamin A over prominent lines and wrinkles, then pat carefully into the skin with your ring finger until dry. Vitamin A is also known as retinoids which decreases the appearance of crows feet and frown lines in older skin types.

Image via Marie Claire

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