5 People To Avoid While Online Dating

September 19, 2014

Dating apps such as Tinder and Grouper (if you’re scared to go at it alone) are making it that much easier to find a partner without actually stepping foot outside your house – or anywhere that has free WiFi in fact. Whether you’re looking for a long-term partner or just a summer fling, here are five personalities that should have you running for the hills. Or simply just un-match them instead, whatever option better fits into your exercise routine.

The Clinger

You meet online, then you chat for a few days (perhaps a week), before taking the plunge and meeting face-to-face for the first time. While the first date is mediocre, the clinger will still continue to text, call or even FaceTime you more than ever. Just a little tip here – if you’re definitely not interested in the clinger, let them down early on. This may save you being deleted or possibly blocked from Facebook down the line.

The Serial Texter

You can always expect a text waiting for you when you wake up, leave your phone unattended for five minutes, or even multiple texts at a time. The serial texter loves nothing more than to ask an unlimited amount of questions (most of which are repetitive in nature). Some common examples include but are not limited to ‘How are you?’, ‘What are you doing’, ‘What are you eating?’ Although are these people speaking to you because they’re interested in what you have to say, or are they merely just passing the time? Is that another question?

The Serial Non-Texter

The complete opposite to the serial texter. This personality contacts you once in a blue moon, and usually stops replying – even though they initiated the conversation in the first place.

The One Who Won’t Take No For An Answer

Never exchange your mobile number with this personality – that’s unless you don’t want a few hundred calls to your number at all hours. The one who won’t take no for an answer is under the disguise of a well-dressed, nicely spoken character who is essentially harmless. If they pick up a scent that you’re interested, this will result in an unlimited amount of texts, calls, Facebook messages, and Instagram requests (I’m assuming you’re already on private). But once you agree to a date – they lose interest altogether.

The Great Banter

Anyone who loves a bit of a laugh will tell you that good banter is hard to find – in person and online. Just like a needle in the haystack! So why is there a problem exactly? Great banter is exactly what it says it is – banter. Although you might be quick-witted, hilarious, and have exchanged a few ‘lol’ and ‘haha’ with each other during your two-week texting rendezvous, this personality will almost never meet up with you for a drink, let alone dinner.

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